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June 30, 2020
When I joined Largay Travel three years ago, I immediately felt like I was "home." Paul and Amanda, plus the entire in-house team and the MANY ICs I've met have been welcoming, knowledgeable, and fun. Not only is the in-house support staff always there to answer my questions and manage my clients when I am out of town, the management team is hands-on and incredibly innovative. Amanda always has a new idea to run with, from lead gen to marketing to being one step ahead of everyone in adapting to new technology. I cannot say enough good things about Largay -- the island of misfit toys is 100% where I belong!
November 15, 2015
Old Review

I cannot say enough about Largay Travel. The team is incredible! The mentoring program and support are beyond what I expected. Their reputation in the industry is also impeccable. But most importantly, Largay Travel instills a family atmosphere and FUN into the company. Anyone looking for a host agency could not do better than Largay Travel.

November 8, 2015
Old Review

I am new to the industry as of August 2015. My travel career began when I attended the Virtuoso Difference class that is part of Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas. This experience is one I will never forget! The energy, enthusiasm, willingness to share experience and knowledge that took over my 2 days at the Bellagio was incredible. I can't simply put into words what takes place, you simply have to experience it! I already can not wait to actually be a part of the real Virtuoso Travel week! The best part about that is that I will be there with the Fabulous Largay Travel Team!!!! WOW! Talk about AWESOME!!! Currently I am in the mentoring program that Largay Travel offers. It is about a 6 month learning adventure. The members that make up Largay Travel, from what I have seen thus far, are shockingly genuine, real and a wealth of knowledge that are ready and able to help a newbie out! I will comment back in a few months and give an update how I am doing then...I can't wait to experience what is in store!!

November 7, 2015
Old Review

I cannot imagine a better hosting scenario. The folks at Largay Travel are a spirited, unique conglomeration of personalities sharing the common goal of offering the best services to our devoted clientele. The leadership of Largay Travel is always on the prowl for the best technology and practices to increase our visibility on the travel scene, maintain relevance in a constantly changing marketplace and support its personnel to achieve the highest earning potential.

I love that working with Largay Travel is never static. We are constantly trying new technologies and practices to determine if they help or hinder us. Some things work and others do not. Management does not cling to dysfunctional tools if they serve no purpose. There is an IC Advisory Committee which meets with management several times a year to discuss issues of importance to ICs and ways to improve the IC experience.

Notice that I say "we" instead of "they." I feel as much a part of Largay Travel as any of the inside agents and equally invested. I don't want to gush and say that Largay Travel is perfect. Nothing is. But, doors are always open to discuss and implement change.

Caveat Emptor....if one is seeking a host to become a hobbyist in the travel industry, Largay Travel may not be for you. The resources at Largay Travel are dedicated to those who are seeing to become professional travel advisors.

November 6, 2015
Old Review

Have nothing but love for my Largay family (yes - we all become part). I took months to interview a number of host agencies and although I did find a few that sounded very nice I felt that Largay offered the best support. Now, after 2 1/2 years, I know I made the best decision!

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