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November 30, 2022
A passion project in retirement that turned into a thriving business: Two reasons why and the how: First, a little background: After twenty years of trading risk arbitrage and equity derivatives in downtown manhattan, the time had come for chapter two, or no chapter at all; the latter option was not appealing. My dad said, "what about being a travel advisor? You love to travel, have a great client list and have been to +60 countries. We use an advisor and it makes all the difference in the world?" I love the idea, but where do you begin? With Wall Street clientele, the appeal of Virtuoso as the luxury leader in travel helped me narrow my search for a host agency on this very site. The other requirement was a real education; only GTN had both. The year-long program was vital to my success. One could launch without the education on the back of my extensive travel and business experience, but aren't your odds of success drastically higher if you are a true expert? Doesn't that take immersion and mentorship? Would I have done more damage to my budding travel reputation with the finance clients I hoped to convert to travel clients had I not? Would I get more than one chance from those clients? Fast forward to December 2021, I am in GTN's top producers club (top 30) in my first full year of business! I am invited to the Virtuoso ultraluxe community, attended Belmond's signature Bellini event for 10 USA advisors in Sicily and was on a top producer retreat with GTN. Without education, it would not have unfolded this way and certainly not this quickly. The second reason is: In real estate, the most valuable metric is location, location, location, but at a host agency, it is culture, culture, culture. The collaboration and support amongst advisors in our community is the silver bullet and goes hand in hand with the educational foundation of GTN. Imagine how much the collective mindshare benefits our clients. I was not expecting instant responses to questions or requests for advice yet opening up the browser to 7 responses in thirty minutes is common. It's another level of vetting and advocacy, but it only happens if the culture is there. We are not competing like local real estate agents who might compete for a listing in town. Our clients are worldwide, an enviable difference, and it means we are not competing so let's help each other win. We share tips, insights and experiences on our internal system in discussion groups that pale in comparison to snarky online forums. We travel together, 14 GTN advisors and I are just back from 12 days in Tanzania, and as a result, we grow together. It's made all the difference in professional growth inspired by culture and education. What more can you ask for?
July 12, 2017
Old Review

I have been with GTN for 1 1/2 now and I love everything about it. I had some industry experience with another very weak host along with real brick & mortar travel school classes before I started the MBA program. I wanted to delve into a new career but was finding it very confusing and didn't care for the franchise model. The travel industry isn't so easy to navigate, I wasn't getting any traction with my decision making, until I found the MBA program. The membership in The Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs, was also a much needed find. I found my place to thrive. GTN and GIFTE answered so many of my questions and provided the support I needed to forge my way into being a travel entrepreneur! The camaraderie, level of support and positive nature of all involved is something I know I don't want to live without. We have fun, there's lots of energy, someone is always there when you need them, the suppliers are top notch and the leadership team has their pulse on what works in this industry. Marketing insights (especially social media), lead generation ideas, mindset, and unique/trending business strategies are always fresh and current. There is so much content consistently provided I'm always finding new tools and viewpoints to explore. I feel supported, valued and while I'm not a top earner (yet), as long as I'm engaged and doing my best I feel an equal to my fellow colleagues. If you are looking for a new host agency, where you still wear the pants because it's your own business or you are brand new and don't know where to put yourself, please give GTN a try. You won't be disappointed!

July 5, 2017
Old Review

Gifted Travel Network is a wonderful team of women who devote their time in assisting other to succeed as travel entrepreneurs. They provide amazing resources, support, and state of the art training's. I have been a wedding planner for many years and have offered destination weddings and honeymoons through two resorts. They have assisted me in opening up my offerings not only as a planner but as a travel consultant, for that I am grateful. I appreciate their weekly calls and private forums. I look forward to growing with GTN, thank you ladies.

April 12, 2017
Old Review

I can't say enough good things about the Gifted Travel Network ("GTN"); I decided last year to start a travel consulting business and conducted research on a number of host agencies. GTN's emphasis on empowering agents to achieve success really resonated with me, as did the opportunity and encouragement to develop my own brand.

The support and encouragement from the GTN team is amazing, but even more valuable is the community of agents, both experienced and new, who provide practical, real-world advice on everything from dealing with sticky client situations to trusted suppliers.

I'm extremely pleased with my decision to launch my travel business with the help and guidance of GTN, and wholeheartedly recommend them.

March 31, 2017
Old Review

I decided to make the leap from corporate America to running my own travel business last year. I wanted to be certain I gave myself the best chance for success in the travel industry where I had a lot of personal experience but no professional experience at all. So, I did extensive research on host agencies that would provide the support I'd need as well as the education I required. Consistently, Gifted Travel Network came up as a front runner in both areas.

When I wanted to meet the folks at GTN personally before I signed up with them, they bent over backwards to make it happen. Maybe even more importantly, now that I'm a member of the GTN family, the amazing support and focus on helping me be successful in my business has been incredible. The Travel MBA program is fantastic. The mentoring with experienced agents is priceless. Combine these with the ability to communicate with the whole "tribe" regularly, and GTN has helped me build the momentum to launch my business, share my passion for travel and add new clients every week.

I wish there was a 6-star rating, because I can't recommend them highly enough!

December 23, 2016
Old Review

With 36 years as a travel expert, 16 of those home-based with another host, it was a BIG deal for me to change host agencies. Without a doubt, I made the right choice. I did not realize how alone I had worked for the past 16 years with no contact with other agents or any BDMs. Having the support of the Gifted Travel Network Team has been amazing. There is constant access to support, product knowledge and business building tools. I love most of all how the agents support each other instead of seeing each other a rivals. GTN really encourages finding your expertise or your "brilliance" and building your business on that foundation. Even an old timer like me has found I had a lot to learn. Thankful I opened an email in July and discovered this wonderful host agency. The name alone "Gifted Travel Network" drew me to them.

November 2, 2016
Old Review

I am sure that I have choose the right host agency that will help me get to where I would like to be and that is to have a learn more on how to own my own travel agent

October 22, 2016
Old Review

Looking to change careers and find a way to turn my passion for travel into a thriving business, I happened upon an advertisement for a free webinar about how to monetize my passion for travel hosted by Gifted Travel Network. I signed up for the webinar and the rest, as they say, is history.

Even though my only travel industry experience came from traveling, I was immediately taken by the comfortable interaction between Meredith (Hill) and Vanessa (McGovern), their sincerity about GTN’s mission, and passion for helping travel entrepreneurs succeed.

After considerable research, I joined GTN’s Travel MBA program, and I’m pleased with my decision. GTN (and the Travel MBA program) provides an abundance of educational opportunities, guidance, and support. As someone new to the industry, the special focus on how to build a business (not just sell travel) was extremely valuable.

The focus on entrepreneurship (mindset, marketing, financial planning, use of social media, and technology, etc.), combined with industry expertise, stellar backend support, and a blueprint for success, has catapulted me from knowing zero about the industry into a proud travel entrepreneur.

By far, the greatest benefit I’ve received from GTN is connection to the GTN community. In every interaction, whether in person or online, I truly feel supported and encouraged to keep pushing forward towards my goals. Ask a question on the member forum and more experienced agents will quickly, and freely give advice, suggestions, and guidance, while other newbies brainstorm ideas and provide support and encouragement. It’s an amazing way to work.

If want to work with a host agency that fuels your passion and supports your entrepreneurial spirit (by teaching you to fish, rather than giving you a fish), take a look at GTN. You won’t regret it.

October 20, 2016
Old Review

We were fairly new to the travel industry and were looking for a comprehensive program to help us navigate our way and grow. Gifted Travel Network was recommended to us by several other travel professionals.
We joined Gifted Travel Network in January 2016 and enrolled in the Travel MBA program. The content of the program was exactly what we needed to take us through the nuts and bolts of firstly, the travel industry and secondly, owning and operating our own company.
Since joining we have been extremely happy with the level of education, support, and training available. The GTN community is a “tribe” and like family to us.
The commitment of Meredith, Jen and Vanessa, the team in the office and a dedicated Travel MBA mentor is second to none! We both came from the corporate workplace and have never experienced the level of genuine interest in OUR business. The knowledge base, supplier support, back office and administration all work together to offer seamless resources.

We are giving GTN 5 stars for the total package they provide, and the family they have created. The new relationships we encounter regularly through this program are invaluable.
Our business is growing and we are confident in our network.

September 15, 2016
Old Review

When I first crossed over from working for a tour operator to having my own business selling directly to consumers, I used this site a TON and ended up choosing a different host (GTN didn't exist yet I don't think). While I was initially happy with that host, it just wasn't giving me what I felt I needed, especially as a new agent. I was a faceless number that gave them money each week, and if I didn't sell their preferred suppliers I was penalized. Then I found GIFTE and found everything I didn't have, so eventually it just made sense to switch over to being hosted by GTN. I am SO happy I have. They have amazing, ridiculously great support - they actually care about me and my business and where I want to take it (which is not in a mass-market direction). The supplier relationships (& commission levels) are really impressive, especially given how new they are. My fellow agents are so positive and supportive, and I just love getting to know them all on the private Facebook forum (many are now truly my friends). It's just a great group of people to be "around", especially when you work from home (which can be isolating). I heartily recommend being hosted with GTN!!

September 13, 2016
Old Review

Gifted Travel Network is more then just a host. They are family ready to help anyway they can. You are in amazing hands with this wonderful host.

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