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May 1, 2021
Gifted Travel Network! I could write about 10 paragraphs on everything amazing about this host agency. I'll try to keep it short and highlight the top 3 reasons why GTN is the absolute best host for me and so many other travel advisors. 1. My initial reasoning for joining GTN was because I knew (through my own research and vetting processes) that GTN had what I was lacking and needed. Let's face it, it's awesome working with clients and creating great travel experiences, that's the easy part! How to learn and know what it takes to put ALL the pieces in place to run a successful small business is another whole level of knowledge. Several years ago the GTN leadership team developed a thorough and extensive 12 month “TravelMBA” program for the home based travel entrepreneur. This program is multi pronged with training modules (on videos to watch over and over if needed-yes I’ve watched them multiple times to take it all in) and covering every piece of how to successfully build your travel business including your messaging, branding, marketing, work flow management systems, strong foundations for a small business and so much more. But the modules are just one piece, the mentorship program that comes along with this is what pulls the education and learning together. With weekly group coaching calls on zoom with our mentor, dedicated solely to the Travel MBA students, as well as weekly zooms from top leadership (many zooms are for all GTN advisors) on everything from Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Personal Growth and more, the learning is nonstop. And these are not just rah rah zoom calls. These calls are discussions and conversations with leadership and with multiple agents who then help each other in return as we learn for our peers and collaborate. There’s so much more to the program, but I will move on to number 2. 2.The women of this company, from the top to the bottom are brilliant, exuberant, hands on, forward thinking, genuine, positive and supportive. This in turn is exactly what all the GTN travel advisors are not only exposed to daily, but become! This is a host that encourages advisors to help other advisors and it happens! Everyday, all day long. The GTN staff and travel advisors are truly a team, with “we’re all in this together” even as we still run and own our own travel businesses. It’s truly remarkable. 3.Connections. In this industry with so many travel providers, suppliers, tour operators and such all around the world, connections are a necessity and oh does GTN have the connections and the respect of the top travel providers and suppliers in the industry. It’s good to know, if we have a problem, we are backed by a host that will help us with any supplier issue and almost always with a positive outcome for everyone. I’m so grateful and blessed to be a part of GTN and the TravelMBA program. As Meredith Hill, one of the GTN founders states, We will find success and a life we love as a travel entrepreneur when we have freedom, fulfillment and financial satisfaction. GTN is providing the road map for me and other travel advisors to see our dreams and goals become that reality.
October 10, 2015
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I want to tell you why I recommend GTN as my host agency. I have been in the travel business 18 years and I've been with another host, local to my area, for that entire time. That host was a good place to start, but there has been no sense of community within the group of outside agents. Discussion among outside agents was never promoted, and seems to have been discouraged, which always felt strange. The host president was not a big traveler, and therefore was not a good resource for destination information. The relationship between me and my previous host was always strictly business.

When I discovered the GIFTE program and then learned about the possibilities of GTN, it was like a breath of fresh air! I have benefitted a great deal from Meredith Hill, Vanessa McGovern & Jen Cochran's expertise in the training programs they offer, specifically the Making Money Selling Travel Blueprint. I took about three months to go through the Blueprint and there are still things I need to work on, even now. After learning these techniques, I now confidently charge planning fees and turn away business that does not make sense for my company. These practices, though scary at first, have definitely put more money in my pocket. It also makes me feel much better about what I do, as I am viewed by my clients as a true professional. The second part of the equation is that with GTN, I do pay a fixed monthly fee, but receiving 100% commission more than offsets that fee! GTN is a member of the Ensemble consortium, so certain types of travel produce enhanced commissions, which I always appreciate. My former host took 20% of my commission, which wasn't too bad as such rates go, but this GTN fixed-fee approach has been a very big help for me. With my membership in GTN, I keep the full commission, and the fixed monthly fee covers E&O insurance, Client Base Online services & Travel-42 - a good site for reviewing destinations and writing up proposals for clients. The calls with the staff at GTN provide so much encouragement along the way that it makes me feel like part of a community. Having the community support with both GIFTE & GTN has been very helpful to me. I never realized how "on my own" I had always been, until now!

I value the business training & the new ideas about how to operate that I have never heard from the various suppliers, since the new training is based on me and my brand & not some other company. There are some training sessions that deal with mindset, and though the intention behind that is very good, sometimes it ventures into the popular "the universe is watching out for me" philosophy. As a Christian, I know who is watching out for me, so I'll stick with that, but I do appreciate that for someone who feel defeated by life, reshaping how they think is necessary in order to be successful in this challenging travel business!

I am very happy with my move to GTN as my host agency, and with the GIFTE community! Just a few days ago my husband & I were discussing some upcoming expenses, and it was so much fun to see the look of amazement on his face when he asked how much money I had in my business account! I'm haven't reached my ultimate goal just yet, but I know I will get there. One of these days he will get to feel like a "kept man"!

October 1, 2015
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September 23, 2015
Old Review

I am so happy with my decision to join Gifted Travel Network. Since I didn’t have any previous experience as a travel agent, I decided to invest in the Travel MBA program and to date I have felt that the investment is well worth it.
The mentoring and content far supersedes the price tag of the program and compared to the point of entry to getting educated on how to run a successful business in other industries + the cost of a true MBA - the price point of the Travel MBA is a bargain!
My mentor in Travel MBA, Lisa Fletcher, is so kind, responsive and always eager to help. Her knowledge, counsel and experience is greatly appreciated.
The GTN private membership forum is also a huge resource. All the members of GTN are so happy to help. Since joining just a few months ago I’ve been able to secure marketing assistance for a magazine ad from a cruise line, I've been on two luxury ship inspections and gotten endless guidance and insights...without GTN none of that would have been possible!
I know my future is very bright in travel and with the support of GTN and the Travel MBA program I know I’ve set my business up for maximum profitability and success!
Meredith, Vanessa, Jen and Sarah are outstanding professionals, extremely knowledgeable, efficient and extremely friendly.
Do not be hesitant about joining them, it was by far the best decision I made for my business!
Thank you GTN for everything!

September 21, 2015
Old Review

Gifted Travel Network does give you a feeling that you are part of a family rather than just a number. This part I liked very much. They do provide a lot of education to their agents in the form of calls, webinars, etc. They do have an awesome portal for their agents. I joined the Travel MBA program, which was much like Meredith Hill's Make Money Selling Travel. I was disappointed in in the Travel MBA program, mostly due to the cost and the fact that it was much like MMSTB. I feel like I had already invested in the MMST blueprint and now I had a series of webinars that was much like the blueprint, not all, but most. They give you access to mentors and a monthly call with Meredith Hill. I am not saying that GTN is bad, it was just not for me. I would encourage a new agent to the industry to really think about the cost versus how it will affect your bottom line. Research other alternatives when you are first starting. If you don't have the money to do so, don't feel you have to. There is an excuse if you just can't afford it and don't let anyone make you feel that you can't succeed in this business if you don't have it to invest. You can so don't give up!

Host Agency Response
October 1, 2015

Thank you Karen for taking the time to give your thoughtful feedback. We appreciate your comments. I would like to address your feedback of the Travel MBA program specifically. I think it's important for those reading this review to understand that the Travel MBA program has been completely overhauled since you were in it, with many significant and effective enhancements with no increase in price. The program you are reviewing is an older version of what we offer today.

I'd also like to clarify the difference between the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint and the content in the Travel MBA program. Yes, there is some overlap. But not a lot. There are 3 modules (out of 13) in the Travel MBA program that repeat 3 modules from the MMSTB. That's all. The other 10 modules in the Travel MBA program address the topics of operations, financial planning, business start up, how to sell, and other business related topics.

Lastly, I'd like to comment on the "expense" of the program. We find tremendous value in the Travel MBA program and stand proudly behind the amount of the investment. We know the path to building a successful and sustainable business selling travel in today's world. Rather than expensive, I believe the Travel MBA program offers great value. What I think is expensive is NOT investing in your business and becoming an accidental hobbyist because you never got direction. There is no other organization within the travel industry that has this amount of aggregate marketing, sales, business development, business operations and business infrastructure wisdom. There are many programs that teach you how to sell travel .... our Travel MBA program teaches you how to sell travel PLUS follow the path to profitability. .

August 27, 2015
Old Review

I am new to this industry and was referred to GTN's Travel MBA program by my mentor. After reviewing the program, I enrolled and started the weekly modules immediately. Although I was itching to get into the "fun" content, I have been bowled over by the content of the first few modules, which focus on creating a sound foundation for a new business. I have a "real" MBA, and the information as presented was more practical and helpful for staring a real business than much of the marketing curriculum in my MBA program. I am also very impressed by the accessibility and responsiveness of the GTN staffers with whom I've had contact, and the mentor I've been assigned through this program Has been incredibly helpful and encouraging. I am truly excited and energized to be part of this community and am absolutely certain that my decide to train with GTN and be hosted by them has been a very sound one.

August 17, 2015
Old Review

I found GTN on host agency reviews after deciding I wanted to find my niche in the travel industry. For me, it was love at first sight! With no prior experience in this industry I definitely feel like I am learning as I go! I cannot imagine if I was trying to do all of this without GTN's support. Most host agencies offer credentials and possibly some back-office support...with GTN and the TravelMBA program, I receive all of that PLUS mentoring, guidance, technical assistance, answers to my (many) questions, mindset coaching and so much more!! The commission rate is more than fair and I have a "tribe" of people rooting on my business. Best of all, I don't have to subscribe to someone else's brand, I am building my own -- something that may not have been possible without the incredible support GTN offers me.

August 11, 2015
Old Review

I have been a Certified Travel Agent for over 20 years and have worked in several agencies around the country (thank you USMC husband) I left my brick and mortar in 2009 and joined a different host. After 5 years, I felt that I was becoming a number and not an individual. 18 months ago I was presented with Gifted Travel Network through a fellow travel agent. My life has not been the same ever since. This company is so focused on you, as an individual, as an entrepreneur, helping you grow your business in ways you may have thought impossible. Gifted Travel Network even helped me discover talents that I didn’t realize I had and more importantly, how to apply those talents to make me a very successful travel professional. My business has grown two fold. Not only do they offer amazing training and support, they become family. As an agent with over 2 decades of service, I have come full circle. I am thankful daily for GIFTE. If you are looking for a change, an amazing transformation actually, this is it.

August 10, 2015
Old Review

There just isn't enough STARS for this review. The GIFTE agency and team wants you to succeed and does so with support, training, 100% helpful staff and encouragement. I'm overwhelmed with how helpful and kind this host agency is. I'm currently a sub agent and have a great mentor. If you are looking to grow your business with a supportive team who can provide you with excellent resources than look no future and make the move to GIFTE.

July 20, 2015
Old Review

I cannot say enough about how wonderful GTN is! They were everything I didn't even know I needed! I switched over to GTN from a previous host a few months ago and I haven't looked back. I really wanted the chance to spread my entrepreneurial wings and build a business that I loved. GTN offers the support, training and encouragement to do just that! It truly is a tribe of amazing individual and I could not be happier that I am a part of it!
On top of all this awesomeness...they offer an amazing commission structure included the option of 100%! The list goes on and on! Whether you are a new agent or an experienced agent looking to make the switch--JUST DO IT! You'll be so glad you did. :)

July 16, 2015
Old Review

Even though I am still very new to the travel industry, I decided to switch hosts and join GTN a few months ago. I have learned in my short time as a travel professional just how vital it is to have the right type of support and leadership. GTN exists and thrives because it truly does support agents who are interested in figuring out how to be successful running your own business with your own personal brand, and adopting a true entrepreneurial mindset. This is a shift that needs to happen, and I believe GTN is at the forefront in doing so.

They are very supportive and helpful, and they also have many different ways to acquire the knowledge and expertise you need to develop the brand and the business you desire to have. The monthly mentoring calls are amazing, and there is a helpful community of likeminded people available to always offer support and guidance, no matter what level your business is at.

This agency is really a great choice for anyone who got into this business to be an entrepreneur and wants to develop a travel business that is unique and purposeful-- not to mention PROFITABLE! :)

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