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July 19, 2020
I started with Cruise Planners in May 2019. I was very new to the industry. (I had started with another home-based company approximately 8 months prior, but received minimal support. In those 8 months, I only had a handful of bookings, and several of them were my own.) While attending the CLIA conference in April of 2019, I saw alot of people wearing the "CP green" shirts. So, I started asking some of them about Cruise Planners. Every single person I spoke with said they absolutely LOVED Cruise Planners and they were very happy with their decision to join the CP family. After more research, I decided to make the switch. I am extremely happy that I did! The support I've received in my first year with Cruise Planners has been fantastic. The technology is state of the art. My coaches have been very responsive to my TONS of questions. In addition, having access to the CP Facebook page has allowed me to obtain a significant amount of information from my colleagues. (Being able to ask a question on our Facebook page and immediately receive a number of responses is very helpful.) The Home Office is very responsive to feedback and to our individual needs. I truly feel that the Home Office wants me to succeed. I set a goal for myself to make the company's Top 50 list within my first five years. I was able to accomplish my goal within my first year- even with the COVID situation in full swing! I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the Cruise Planners opportunity.
February 13, 2013
Old Review

My husband I purchased our Cruise Planner franchise in August 2008. At the time I was working part-time at my full-time job while caring for my husband as he battled cancer, and our stress levels were through the roof and it was totally and utterly the wrong time to start a business. Oh and we had never been on a cruise ship yet we were looking at selling cruises from home. But there is a saying "Out of your greatest challenges comes your greatest victories." We started with Cruise Panners on a part-time basis and totally found our passion for helping others create experiences and memories. Cruise Planners' training and support are incredible!! The technology they bring to the table to help us keep track of everything is first-rate and they continue to improve. The marketing department is incredible; they come up with some amazing marketing campaigns for us. Some of them have even won awards! They keep bringing us new training and learning opportunities. They work tirelessly on the relationships with our preferred vendors to bring us amazing deals to pass along to our clients. They are continually looking for vendors to partner with to help us make our client's experience that much more special. It still blows my mind how much they have done for us and continue to do for us to help us grow our business.

You not only get support from those at head office to help you but other agents are willing to reach out and help you too and you find yourself helping other Cruise Planner agents. Everyone at Cruise Planners is like a member of the family. Convention every year is a big family reunion. I am so thankful that we decided to move ahead and purchase a Cruise Planners franchise. I am now full-time in my Cruise Planners business and I love leaping out of bed each morning and helping others to create unique experiences and memories.

If you want to talk more about a Cruise Planners franchise then please ask to be connected with me and I will be happy to talk with you. Have a super fantastic sparkling day!!

December 31, 2012
Old Review

I have owned my Cruise Planners franchise for a little over a year and couldn't be happier with the choice I made. I came into this profession without having any professional travel experience - and without having any sales experience. I had always loved traveling with my family and friends and found this career choice to be a perfect transition from the corporate world. I will be honest - it was somewhat overwhelming at first because there is so much to learn and I wanted to be the best at my new career so I could serve my clients properly. But the Cruise Planners family was so welcoming to me and offered the education, tutoring, advice, and the support I needed, and I can honestly say that I found the perfect 'home' when I joined this organization. I also had wanted a good brand to stand behind me and I got both from Cruise Planners and American Express. The technology this company provides us is just outstanding - but don't be scared if you're not a 'techy' person because they make it very simple!

The positive aspects of Cruise Planners is just astounding - I don't have one negative thing to say about this organization. Cruise Planners is more than just a name - it's a solid company with a solid reputation who stands with and supports its franchise owners. They truly want us to succeed so we can all grow and prosper in this exceptional and exciting industry.

If you have any hesitation at all as to whether to go forward with purchasing a Cruise Planners American Express franchise just call me! :)

Terry S. McKinney
Master Cruise Counselor & Luxury Cruise Specialist

November 21, 2012
Old Review

I have been with Cruise Planners since 2004 and it seemed like only yesterday that I was wrestling with the idea of purchasing a franchise. I had no previous experience in the travel industry and I had only been on one cruise! What was I thinking?!?! I was thinking what a great opportunity to own my own business, enhance my travel knowledge and have FUN.

As you can imagine, I needed lots of help from Cruise Planners and what I found with this company is exactly that. I have always had the support and training I needed to succeed. Cruise Planners gave me all the tools and the coaching that I needed when I began my business and the support is still just as strong today. If I have questions or need new ideas, marketing or general support with anything, Cruise Planners is an email or phone call away and they are always willing to help.

Cruise Planners is not out to just sell franchises, they WANT us to succeed. When we succeed, the company as a whole succeeds. That is why Cruise Planners is highly respected in the cruise industry and have won numerous awards. It is very important to me to have a strong name and brand to represent my business and Cruise Planners/American Express is that company.

If I had it to do all over again, I would choose Cruise Planners, hands down!

November 21, 2012
Old Review

I have had my Cruise Planners Franchise for about 2 1/2 years. I absolutely love it, there are no words to describe how this company took my life in a whole new direction, It was of my best decisions ever made. I came from a building industry and prior to that i was a Cosmetologist....I had no idea what i was doing in the travel field other than my own travel. With my strong will to succeed,my incredible passion and the wonderful guidance of Cruise Planners tools, marketing and incredible staff. They are AWESOME!

Maria Tilton

August 13, 2012
Old Review

I've been with Cruise Planners for 4 years and just love it!
I was with another host before CP, and they just treated me like a number. They said they offered support & training, but once you joined there was nothing. CP is the opposite! We get assigned a Coach who shares not only their wealth of experience (having been agents and /or cruise line staff), but they share best practices from other CP agents. From their CEO and other every last employee at Home Office...they care and want to see us all succeed. They have passion and I truly feel a part of a family.

I haven't missed one annual convention yet as it is like a family reunion...and we learn sooooo much with all of the speakers that come....and from each other. It's such a great event. This year I attending one of the Regional meetings, as well as two incredible land FAM's. CP presents us with so many learning opportunities to help us succeed (including and online university).

To boot.....the technology is incredibly easy to use and the best I've ever used. I looooove the fact I can use my iPhone to access my database/'s let me WOW my customers because I'm so much more efficient & quicker to respond to their inquiries.

I can go on and on...
But suffice to say...
I highly recommend you check out Cruise Planners.

August 13, 2012
Old Review

I have been with Cruise Planners for 2 1/2 years and love it. They provide me with all of the tools I need to grow my business. In the past it was up to me and I was a bit lost when it came to marketing and growing my business. Cruise Planners knows how to market and they also provide me with the live support and training (keeping me up to date with technology). Best move I ever made!

August 10, 2012
Old Review

I joined Cruise Planners after being on my own for several years. I was having a difficult time keeping up with the competition when it came to marketing and keeping my name out front. From day one with Cruise Planners I was blown away on the direct mail pieces and electronic flyers emailed to my clients. The technology is 1st class and so simple to book. The mobile app for my phone is amazing and let's me run the business wherever I am. I could go on and on but honestly I haven't looked back since!

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