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January 27, 2018
01/28/2018 Update: It has been 18 months since I wrote my initial review, and I wanted to follow up on the success I am having as a member of Cruise Brothers home program. TRAINING: On top of countless webinars, and specialized trainings, in 2016-2017, I successfully completed the top level graduate programs for Disney, Omni Resorts, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Princess, Cunard, Viking, and (one class away on purpose from) Carnival, amongst others. 2016 was my first full year of working this and I achieved enough in commissions to earn my individual CLIA card. OPPORTUNITIES With that card, I am able to take advantage of the many travel and discount opportunities these cruise lines and resorts offer. Yes, it is possible to earn "free" cruises and travel doing this as a part time from home job (Note, it is not free - you must pay taxes, port expenses, resort fees, gratuities, etc.). My 2016 success improved in 2017 where I made a calendar year $275K in sales, more then doubling my commission from 2016, again earning my CLIA and now IATA as well. SUPPORT Cruise Brothers continues to provide top notch support and services, and because of their top-tier status with every cruise line, the commissions are higher rates then other home based agencies. ADVANTAGE The group space advantage has helped me compete against some of these other home based businesses who do not have the volume of group space allocation Cruise Brothers has. I have also received added perks with some lines because Cruise Brothers was top tier in volume (added room credit, and extra air credit, dedicated call in lines for shorter holds!) 2018 is off to a great start - I would highly recommend you getting on board with Cruise Brothers and enjoy the growth of cruise ship vacations in the years ahead. Talking to some agents who went thru other companies, I see that I made the right choice! _____________________________________________________________________________________ After booking many cruises with Cruise Brothers, I inquired about their home based program so that I could begin to sell cruise travel myself as a way to learn the industry, build a clientele for when I retire, as well as travel at discounted rates. I new to stay away from any scam company that tries to push an expensive website, charge fees to "open your company", or any of those other fee based approaches. With Cruise Brothers, you are an agent / employee of the company, working from the comfort of your own home. There is no gimmick, no pushy sales people telling you that you need a useless website, and no one breathing down your neck saying "make more sales." you work at your own pace and are backed by them. With the best commission structure in the industry, as well as volume pricing, i have never lost a sale due to pricing. I do not have a sales website as I do all sales directly with clients, and there are a ton of reasons why this approach works much better - to many to list. Training in plentiful, both with the team at CB, as well as all cruise lines and resorts. I even have the Disney certification. Daily emails and messages from my team lead, who is incredibly knowledgable and helps if anything arises. I have been very successful due to word of mouth, repeat customers, and ability to build groups, with over $150K booked and/or sailed (and another $15K in cancelled trips) in just over 16 months. Yes, I have hustled and continuously hand out cards and talk up the products. I can not speak about the 1 star, old reviews other then it appears to be from people who expected an easy gig where people would line up to buy from them - this is sales, you must get out there and work it yourself. Start with friends and family, and word will travel fast. No need to pay a dime out of pocket and get the useless site. Believe it when I say it, this is the program you want.
December 11, 2013
Old Review

I don’t feel there is a huge support system at CB. Yes the person that is my mentor responds to my emails but I feel the information is somewhat lacking in the response. When I call him I always have to leave a message and he gets back within a few hours usually. (Again not real friendly and almost makes you feel dumb)

I have only been with them since Oct. And I feel already that they do not trust their home based agents. Everything has to go through them especially payments. The training is a 2 hour phone call and then all webinars. I was told you learn best by doing it. And the site they offer for info is way outdated and hard to manipulate!

I have also been told and read their website you pay for is not worth having. I am looking into finding another host agency. I am not experienced and need friendlier and more helpful information.

Host Agency Response
January 8, 2014


My suggestion to you is that it may not be so much the company as it is your mentor. My mentor is fantastic. He calls me right back, even if we have to play phone tag (which has happened). He is very helpful, knowledgeable and tells me where I can find whatever information I need. He even tells me where to find better information I didn't even know I needed.
I was a travel agent years ago and I am so glad I found Cruise Brothers. I'm looking forward to getting back in the business and so far they've been very supportive and helpful.

Also just FYI, be happy they are the ones dealing with the money matters. Without serious insurance you could get in huge trouble if an error came up. By doing the payments and paperwork they are protecting you as much as themselves.

October 9, 2013
Old Review

I have been with Cruise Brothers since 7/2013. I have signed up for the website, but have had only one hit. Still I think it is worth having. My clientel are used to me having one. I have booked several group cruises. I am really satisfied with this company. I was signed up with another host agency that charged me $499 to start and $50 per month, so Cruise Brothers is a wonder compared. It also gives you access to lots of training and my team leader John has been very supportive and gets back to me with my many questions in a timely manner. I am very happy with this company.

September 12, 2013
Old Review

For the most part, Cruise Brothers has been a good place to learn all about selling cruises. I did pay for the website, but honestly no one has ever booked a cruise with me using their booking engine. If you want a website, I recommend starting with a free blog-type, like Wordpress. I built up a website from there, and after two years, purchased my own domain. With your own domain, you have the freedom to advertise on it, right reviews, post photos, and customize it any way you like. It turned out to be much more useful than the CB website.

Then, the best way to book cruises is to learn and use the booking tools of the various cruise agent booking sites. Cruise Brothers provides all the links to the cruise and land companies, hotel booking site, their insurance booking tool, and everything else you need. My sales manager has always been good about answering my questions in a timely manner. Many webinars and audio-recorded meetings are available all the time, are good learning tools, and agents are encouraged to use them.

On the downside, their website and booking engine is a little archaic compared to most and could use some updating. I wish their outside agent commission was higher, as I feel I am not adequately compensated for the amount of time I spend researching, booking and following up regularly with my clients. Lastly, while I like to make final payment myself directly to the cruiseline, CB is adamant that agents make payment directly with their accounting department. It sometimes takes a week or longer for CB to get a simple credit card payment to the vendor, whereas when I call the vendor myself, payment is made within 24 hours.

Nevertheless, your experience and success with any host agency really does depend on how hard you are willing to work. It takes a long time to build up a client base, so give it time.

September 7, 2013
Old Review

I have had nothing but an amazing experience since I starting working as an at home agent with Cruise Brothers. David has answered both my questions and phone calls right away. You definitatly do not need to purchase a website. You can book cruises through the home agent sight. I am now starting to sell lots more after i started exploring the tools and signed up for the passwords for the different links on the home cruise site. You can sell tons of packages to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe ect. I was told I will get a free Princess cruise from Princess Cruises as soon as I finish my online classes on their site. Register with Princess as a Cruise Brothers agent and you are on your way. I'm finishing my classes this weekend. I am also register to be a Disney agent. There are a ton of tools and opportunities if you ask. Disney offers discounts and a free Disneyland ticket after you complete your online classes on the Disney travel agent site. A great big thumbs up from me for Cruise Brothers!
Ashlee Dasilva
Cruise Brothers

April 12, 2013
Old Review

I have been with Cruise Brothers for about a year now. I have the best team leader you could ask for. She provided me with the best training. She and the people at Cruise Brothers Headquarters have helped me tremendously with my decision to start a new career ti become a travel agent. They are great.

December 21, 2012
Old Review

I am gaining a great deal of knowledge about the agencies and travel partners that they represent. I haven't sold a thing. I signed up in September of 2012 and it's now the end of December 2012.

My ability to pay $50 to the State of Florida to sign up as a "seller of travel" as the DBPR agent that spoke to me on the phone insisted has been restricted through no effort of my own.
I do not understand how nor why I have been restricted in this manner, but really would appreciate having the light shined on this ghost.

If you have other questions, please let me know. I am open to communication and still kicking in the ocean of would be travel agents.


Sara Rodriguez

December 15, 2012
Old Review

I've been very fortunate with the assistance that I've received with The Cruise Brothers. I attend the weekly classes online and have done a LOT of studying through the use of their resources.
My team leader has been very helpful any time I've had questions with timely responses and assisting me as needed. Not sure what other reviewers were expecting, but if you develop a good foundation and gain experience slowly, I see good success as a very realistic outcome of YOUR work and their expertise. Anything worthwhile takes work, study and time. You can work as little or as hard as your time allows, and reap the rewards accordingly.

October 11, 2012
Old Review

We signed up with CB in the Spring and so far have had a good experience. We paid for the website, but don't use it that much. Our contact person has been a great help and anytime we've had questions or needed help, he has given an immediate response and the matter handled right away.
The initial training webinar was informative and did not seem like a sales pitch at all, as others have mentioned.
This is our second experience with a hosting agency. First time turned out to be mostly an MLM program. So far we are happy doing our own marketing and booking, just using the host agency to gain access to the booking sites with no monthly fee. Has worked well so far and CB has been supportive to us.
Some things in the agent resource site and the main CB website seem rather "clunky." I wish there was some sort of online access to your current sales account so you could see what you have pending. There may be, but I have not yet found it and plan to ask about this. I think other host agencies may organize this better, but again... it's what you get for free.
I would recommend this host agency if you're looking for a "free" experience to get started.

October 1, 2012
Old Review

I just joined with Cruise Brothers and so far I have been having the opposite experience from what everyone here has had. The gentleman whom I speak with is doing a training session with me this Wednesday and he responds to me right away either by phone or email even on weekends. Now I have paid for the site yet but I'm going to give it a little time. I just don't want to pay $100 for a site until I see how things go. I was told I don't have to have the site in order to book. I haven't paid for a site yet. But, I plan to depending on how training goes and other things. He didn't push it. My rating is based on my experience so far. I have my contract at home that says what they charge for the website so they can't do something else. If things don't go we'll with training on Wednesday or something comes up that I don't like then ill be back to change my review. But, so far everything has been fine- very helpful quick replies. Good luck to everyone. I know their customers/clients give them great reviews

June 11, 2012
Old Review

get no help at all..stranded . i had some Spanish speaking clients,so i ask could some one help me book and i will share the commission,they were rude told me i am on my own,and so i turned the client to someone there who spoke Spanish..she never thanked me,or anything..

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