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January 27, 2018
01/28/2018 Update: It has been 18 months since I wrote my initial review, and I wanted to follow up on the success I am having as a member of Cruise Brothers home program. TRAINING: On top of countless webinars, and specialized trainings, in 2016-2017, I successfully completed the top level graduate programs for Disney, Omni Resorts, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Princess, Cunard, Viking, and (one class away on purpose from) Carnival, amongst others. 2016 was my first full year of working this and I achieved enough in commissions to earn my individual CLIA card. OPPORTUNITIES With that card, I am able to take advantage of the many travel and discount opportunities these cruise lines and resorts offer. Yes, it is possible to earn "free" cruises and travel doing this as a part time from home job (Note, it is not free - you must pay taxes, port expenses, resort fees, gratuities, etc.). My 2016 success improved in 2017 where I made a calendar year $275K in sales, more then doubling my commission from 2016, again earning my CLIA and now IATA as well. SUPPORT Cruise Brothers continues to provide top notch support and services, and because of their top-tier status with every cruise line, the commissions are higher rates then other home based agencies. ADVANTAGE The group space advantage has helped me compete against some of these other home based businesses who do not have the volume of group space allocation Cruise Brothers has. I have also received added perks with some lines because Cruise Brothers was top tier in volume (added room credit, and extra air credit, dedicated call in lines for shorter holds!) 2018 is off to a great start - I would highly recommend you getting on board with Cruise Brothers and enjoy the growth of cruise ship vacations in the years ahead. Talking to some agents who went thru other companies, I see that I made the right choice! _____________________________________________________________________________________ After booking many cruises with Cruise Brothers, I inquired about their home based program so that I could begin to sell cruise travel myself as a way to learn the industry, build a clientele for when I retire, as well as travel at discounted rates. I new to stay away from any scam company that tries to push an expensive website, charge fees to "open your company", or any of those other fee based approaches. With Cruise Brothers, you are an agent / employee of the company, working from the comfort of your own home. There is no gimmick, no pushy sales people telling you that you need a useless website, and no one breathing down your neck saying "make more sales." you work at your own pace and are backed by them. With the best commission structure in the industry, as well as volume pricing, i have never lost a sale due to pricing. I do not have a sales website as I do all sales directly with clients, and there are a ton of reasons why this approach works much better - to many to list. Training in plentiful, both with the team at CB, as well as all cruise lines and resorts. I even have the Disney certification. Daily emails and messages from my team lead, who is incredibly knowledgable and helps if anything arises. I have been very successful due to word of mouth, repeat customers, and ability to build groups, with over $150K booked and/or sailed (and another $15K in cancelled trips) in just over 16 months. Yes, I have hustled and continuously hand out cards and talk up the products. I can not speak about the 1 star, old reviews other then it appears to be from people who expected an easy gig where people would line up to buy from them - this is sales, you must get out there and work it yourself. Start with friends and family, and word will travel fast. No need to pay a dime out of pocket and get the useless site. Believe it when I say it, this is the program you want.
June 18, 2020

Unfortunately I joined cruise brothers right before Covid hit. However my team leader, JoAnn Olin has been incredibly supportive and well informed of all of the policies and changes going on in the travel industry. She has led us with not only her motivation but the resources to get educated and informed wherever we felt necessary. Her passion, experience and individual attention has kept me positive in The upmost negative environment the travel industry has seen in a very long time. She continually sends us multiple emails on a daily and weekly basis so that we can choose our audience and our own niche in the travel world. I wish I could live in her brain so that I too would know everything that she does!

June 17, 2020

Just starting out in the Travel Industry or a seasoned Travel Advisor, Cruise Brothers offers an entire complement of Travel Programs from Land to Sea. Cruise Brothers manages all kinds of travel, from Disney to the Swiss Alps. They will take you wherever you wish to go; cruising is one of many types of travel packages offered.

For the Travel Agent just starting in the business, this is the perfect place to begin. There are no start up fees, no annual dues, no marketing cost, no training charges. Your Team Leader will guide you and provide detailed assistance in your training and progress. The Key to success is YOU and your Team Leader.

I have the pleasure of working with a seasoned professional, JoAnn Olin. She is a Team Leader with Cruise Brothers, with over a decade of Travel expertise, and is a hands-on leader. The support, guidance, and knowledge she shares with each and everyone of her Team’s members is exemplary. Good partnership with your Host Agency combined with contributory Team Leadership, will put you on the path of growth and success. What YOU put in…YOU will reap in rewards. The Travel marketplace is for self-motived, highly engaging, and skilled communication-oriented people who have a passion for travel and exploring. If this is, YOU; the Travel Industry is a perfect fit.

At Cruise Brothers Training, Marketing, Vendors, Comparable Cruise Pricing, Featured Discounts, Group Travel and more, can be found on their easy-to-use Website. This site also features your Team Leader, who is available to team members. Your commissions are also tracked and available at your fingertips from this site.

Specialized Training and Certifications for: Disney, Omni Resorts, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Princess, Cunard, Viking, Carnival, etc. are accessed right from the Cruise Brothers website. CLIA card is also available for individuals at a discounted rate. Opportunities are endless with Cruise Brothers, they continue to offer top notch support and services for the home-based Travel Agent, earning them top recognition in the Travel field.

Advantage to YOU and your Client’s with a leading Travel Host Agency will put your travel business on the map. Make use of the benefits they offer and watch your sales soar.

Group sale space with Cruise Brothers has added perks due to the volume of sales generated. Compared retail pricing and offerings to the general public; you will find booking with Cruise Brothers, your client’s will have the advantage.

June 16, 2020

Cruise Brothers is a wonderful path for the new travel agent to enter the industry and learn they way around. After researching several options, I like the length of time they were in business--now 45 years!! I came to understand that this is a tough business but with the help of my team leader, I made my way! I have friends with other host companies who pay monthly fees and get nothing in return but a website platform to view videos's. As we all know, you get out of this business what you put in...this is not a get rich quick business but a slow and steady wins the race. I have been supported with every question along the way, she listened to my silly questions with great patience any time of day -- I swear she does not sleep! With this partnership, the only way you can fail is if you really dont try!! Awesome format, no fees or quotas...I was able to juggle my home life and slowly develop my business at my own pace!!

October 7, 2019

I am addressing a review written by Robert Pleasant since I can't respond to it directly. He stated "They did not train me and would not help with anything" which is an outright lie. I conducted a thorough phone training with him on August 9th, 2013 with him that was about 90 minutes in length. Furthermore, I supply all my agents with two important documents they are supposed to reference as soon as they start working on a booking request.

The first one is the 'Procedure to Book a Vacation Manual' document that is a little over six pages and the second is the 'Land Vendor Cheat Sheet' that is six and a half pages. I asked Robert to read both of these documents which contained all the pertinent information he needed to work on the booking request he emailed me about. He refused to do that.

I have been selling travel since May of 2001 before 9/11 and know this industry like the back of my hand. I work 75 hours a week for my team of agents and average one day off a month! I do everything in my power to always ensure my agents are well knowledged, trained, and kept up to date with all the important changes that occur on a weekly basis within the travel industry.

Brian Fielder is also one of the agents on my team. Please read his review on this website. The major difference between Robert and Brian is the fact that Robert did not take this FREE opportunity seriously from day one and Brian definitely did! Robert did not book one single thing as a 'travel agent' through Cruise Brothers in over six years and Brian has booked $1,037,347.80 worth of travel through CB since March 25th, 2015 shortly after he came on board with our agency.

Brian always follows my instructions to the letter and Robert wasn't willing to even try. I strongly suggest for any brand new agents looking to become an outside or 'mobile' travel agent working from home that in order to be successful you absolutely need to take this seriously from the beginning. Cruise Brothers is one of the very few host agencies that is truly FREE and actually assigns a dedicated team leader to you which is extremely valuable to someone brand new with no experience as a travel agent.

Cruise Brothers is also one of only 30 travel agencies in all of North America to possess the Premier Level Membership with the CLIA organization out of 15,000 affiliated travel agencies! That is the highest membership level achievable with the CLIA organization. CLIA is the most prominent, powerful, and influential organization overseeing the entire cruise line industry!

Information obtained directly from their website is the following... "Established in 1975, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the world’s largest cruise industry trade association, providing a unified voice and leading authority of the global cruise community. CLIA supports policies and practices that foster a safe, secure, healthy and sustainable cruise ship environment and is dedicated to promoting the cruise travel experience."

Therefore, CLIA is ranking Cruise Brothers in the top 0.2 percent of ALL the legitimate travel agencies that exist in North America including Canada. We achieved that status through hard work, dedication, and maintaining an impeccable reputation with our employees, independent contractors, and our hundreds of thousands of clients!

I have worked for NLG, Grand Circle Travel, and Garber Travel prior to working with Cruise Brothers starting on February 12th, 2012. I have to say that Cruise Brothers is by far the best travel agency I have worked with so far and the prior travel agencies aforementioned were all major players within the travel industry. If you want to learn, grow, and have the potential to become extremely productive as an outside/mobile travel agent working from home I highly recommend that you come on board with Cruise Brothers for FREE!

Thanks for reading this somewhat lengthy review and happy travels to all!


September 9, 2019


July 2, 2019

They are rude and very unpleasant i got a email that was rude and not pleasant from John. They did not train me and would not help with anything. I would not book travel with this company the people are not friendly. I am or going to switch to a new company. I would stay away from this company.

March 23, 2019

This is the best agency in the world. They work with you to help make you successful. There management is always there to help. I just keep growing my business and best of all I have never had to pay Cruise Brothers a dime.

March 22, 2019

I signed up with Cruise Brothers about two months ago. It was free and I had always been interested in travel. I had a brief training with my team leader to go over the website and such. I then immediately got to work watching the training videos on the website and signing up for classes for Disney, all of the cruise companies, resorts, etc. It’s been about 2 months and I have sold a little over $3,500 in travel already. My team leader has always been available for me to reach and has answered any questions I have. Very reliable and honest company and I can not wait to see where it takes me.

January 31, 2019

I have been with Cruisebrothers, for over 25 years. First as a referral agent (I don't think they do this anymore) and for the last 22+ years as an outside agent. I own my regular career business which is Consulting Engineering (Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Protection design of buildings) . The thing that was a great fit and still is. The fact there is no minimum or maximum amounts needed to sell. As my regular profession has peaks and valleys, being a travel professional fills those evenings and slower months. The education is strictly optional, but advised. The perks related makes it worth it many times over. I started to do these sales before this was a large department at Cruisebrothers. My original inside contact is still working at the corporate offices in Rhode Island (Robert N). My current contact is David A. in Florida, he has always given me quick and timely info. and answers to any and all questions. We have appreciation cruises, with classes and something in spring called boot camp that is a crash course in cruising sales and marketing. Some years I can sell dozens of cruises, others, one or two. It doesn't matter to them. There are no requirements, except to be courteous, and give proper advice, as that is how you get and keep potential clients. The Cruise Brothers are actual people, Steve and Russ Gelfuso. My suggestion, if you are willing to put some effort in, is to try this opportunity. If it is not for you, then try something different. Travel is relaxing, and doing it at reduced rates or virtually free is even better. I have taken advantage of free cruises from Carnival, and soon Princess, and NCL. I have also taken advantage of deeply discounted cruises from Disney, Royal Caribbean multiple times and Celebrity. Not bad for a very part time position.

February 12, 2018

I began with Cruise Brothers about a year ago, and I was thrilled to be able to proceed at my own pace so I could learn the business without being hammered to death by anxious sales managers who were being hammered to death by their sales directors, who were being hammered . . . you get the picture.

I actually had a BDM leave CB for certain reasons, and it did not deter me from continuing. I immediately was assigned to another BDM who is constantly available, knowledgeable, helpful and no nonsense in his approach.

Cruise Brothers has provided me with everything I need, and while I am still learning some systems and still learning the ropes a little, I am well on my way to achieving my income objectives, personal travel objectives, training objectives, etc.

I plan to grow with Cruise Brothers, tap into the imperfect, but very well designed system of support, grow commissions and enjoy traveling the world on my terms. I would rather sacrifice a percentage point of commission to have the peace of mind knowing that I am with an established company helping me to reach my goals and objectives.

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