Process to Change Host Agencies? Fears of Marketing? Client Intake Forms?

In episode 143 Steph chats with the one and only April Swales of Uniglobe as they answer your wide-ranging questions. Don’t forget to enter your own questions, as we are inspired by your queries!

1. What is the process of switching host agencies? I am unsure if my current one is a good fit, but I do have trips booked while using them, and am unsure if I can bring them to a new host. --Anonymous

2. How do you face your fear about marketing your travel business on social media if you are an introvert? –Tracy E.

3. I have been looking for a jotform or something similar to create a link for a client intake. I want to add it to my social media post or any emails. Ideas? Thank you! –Lisa H.

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (Things to consider when switching host agencies) (Things to look for in your contracts with host agencies) (Travel industry attorney list) (Download our free excel sheet with questions to ask your prospective host agencies) (Reels Blueprint: Making 30 reels in 20 minutes) (EduSpot: Storytelling to Sell) (Travel interest form template + others) (EduSpot from Host Week on optimizing your form with questions that increase conversions, as well as average booking amount) (TravelJoy) (Travefy)

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February 15, 2024
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