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April 7, 2016

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Free Client Forms for Travel Agents

 Free Travel Agent Forms for Your Agency

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Do we have a present for you! Absolutely, 100% free travel agent forms you can customize to your agency in under a minute! It will declutter your desk, save you time and help you connect with your clients in meaningful ways.

We created some free travel agency templates you can download and customize to your agency (add your own logo, make it your brand colors, change to your font). It’s as easy as pie! If you don’t want to wade through the entire article, just click on the travel agent forms you’d like to see and you will be teleported to the correct forms!

  1. Travel Interest Survey (Pre-Trip): Get the jump on your client’s expectations and travel preferences. (Where, When, Budget)
  2. Trip Details Confirmation (Post Booking): Make sure your clients understand CRUCIAL information in order to prevent a possible travel disaster. (Visas, Passports, Travel Insurance)
  3. Vacation in Review (Post-Trip)Get your clients’ summary of their trip for easy and informal research on destinations you haven’t visited and to help build rapport and loyalty among clients.

Already have the whole collection and want a brief tutorial on how to customize your forms? No problem, just click here for a shortcut to the tutorial.

Are these not quite the kind of forms you are looking for? We have a few varieties hanging out on the site too: 

  1. Service Fee Agreement Template
  2. Sample Waivers

Why Our Travel Agent Forms are so NEAT-O!

These aren’t your run of the mill, boring forms. No sirree. Let me break down why you’ll love these travel agent forms:

1. They’re free!1 All you need to do is select one of the forms and it will take you to our vault of Cognito Forms Shared Templates where you can copy the template over to your Cognito account. It’s really simple, takes about 5 seconds. Here’s a video on how it works:

2. We’ve built in conditional logic! This helps keep the form as simple and targeted to the reader as possible. What’s conditional logic?

Travel Agency Forms/Templates: Vacation in Review

It’s when you tell the form that if someone selects a certain answer (ex: there will be kids on the trip), then the form displays a question just for them (ex: what are the ages of the kids). This keeps the form short, clean and relevant to your clients!

3. You can customize these travel agent forms to your heart’s content! You can get it all dressed up in your very own agency logo, font, brand colors, and completely customize your message/questions.

4. Embed in your site. These forms can be embedded into your website, or you can send clients a direct link in an email.

1. Travel Interest Survey:

Free Travel Agent Forms/Template: Trip Interest


Who it’s for: Clients who might not exactly be sure of what they want in their vacation or are looking for a quote.

What it does: Asks questions about their interests so you can find out what their expectations are. Here’s a few of the questions we ask:

  1. Accommodations for Travelers: This will help you anticipate any accommodations people in their group might need, whether they want to bring their dog, travel with an infant or have physical limitations.
  2. Logistics: Have a grasp of how many travelers, ages, and when they’re looking to go so you can pull up possible quotes faster.

Final Thoughts: If you prefer to chat over the phone with your clients for a personal touch, this travel agent form a great way to document the information from an initial contact conversation and make sure you collect all the information you need to give them a proper quote.

Okay, you can download the form now😊

Download button - Travel Interest Survey Form Template

2. Trip Details Confirmation:

Travel Agency Forms/Templates: Trip Confirmation

 Who It’s For: Clients that have just booked with you

What it Does: Gives travelers the chance to confirm trip details/passenger names/passport requirements yet again (can they ever look these over too carefully?!?). The form has an area for them to sign that they’ve looked over their itinerary and everything looks okay. We’ve heard horror stories about clients spending their life savings on a honeymoon only to be turned away because they didn’t know they needed a visa. Don’t let that happen to you. This form helps address that by reiterating:

  1. Required Travel Documents: Goes over passport requirements and links to important websites for international travel on visas, vaccinations, and traveling with children you’re not the legal guardian of.
  2. Confirm Travel Insurance was Offered: Cover your rear by having clients signing to say you offered them trip insurance or to remind you if you accidentally forgot.

This one is the real biggie of the bunch and includes SUPER IMPORTANT information clients need to know before they depart.

Download button - Travel Trip Details Confirmation Form Template

3. Vacation in Review:

Free Travel Agent Forms/Template: Client Vacation Review

Who it’s For: Clients post-travel to help process the highs and lows of their trip and share them with you.

What it Does:The Vacation in Review form is tool for clients to process the highs and lows of their trip and share them with you. The form will help you:

  1. Collect Testimonials and Social Media Content: Clients can easily upload photos and thoughts you can use in for social media and other marketing (there’s a checkbox asking if it’s okay to share their thoughts publicly)
  2. Easy Research: Get insider information and beef up your knowledge about destinations you’ve never visited
  3. Getting to Know All About You: Understand the travel preferences of repeat clients
Download button - Travel in Review Form Template

Tutorial on How to Customize Your Forms

If you made it this far, that probably means you are ready to decorate your spiffy website by customizing your forms.

Here's a brief tutorial to show you simple way to swap out the logo and description as well as deleting the signature line on the Trip Confirmation Details so you don't have to upgrade your account. Get your popcorn. This one is a real cliffhanger.

 More Free Travel Agent Forms!

Well, it turns out, we've got a few more free travel agent forms for you. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at our travel agency waiver article, which includes free waivers used by other agencies as well as trip checklists for your clients.

Thank You!

Last but not least, a HUGE thank you to Bonnie Lee who took time out of her outrageously busy schedule to share her expertise with us! Thanks for consulting with us and helping us make these forms even more relevant to travel agents, Bonnie!

Want to share, repurpose, reuse, or translate our content? Get information here about how to do that, we’re under a creative commons license.


  1. The Individual Plan (which is really robust) is free. Please note: If you want the e-signature option, that requires the Pro Plan ($10/month); to accept PayPal via the form or encrypt data (needed if you’re collecting passport numbers, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information), that requires the Team Plan ($24/month).
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