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A Complete Guide to Travel Agent Schools [+Comparison Chart]
Choosing a travel agent school (or deciding whether or not it's for you) can be overwhelming. Our detailed and current article and comparison chart will help!
How to Make a Website From Scratch
How to Make a Website From Scratch: A Step-by-Step Guide
How do you make a website from scratch? HAR's here to report with 5 steps (from concept to completion) to laying a solid foundation for your travel agent site!
Travel Agent Booking Basics
Travel Agent Booking Basics
This article is the hub for travel agent booking basics, from the very first steps (qualifying clients) to the final details (post-booking checklist).
Small Business Saturday Header
5 Ideas for Travel Agencies on Small Business Saturday
Lost on how to promote your travel agency on Small Business Saturday?! HAR will show you the way with 5 (quick) ideas to get the word out about your biz.
How Travel Agents Can Make the Most of a Cruise Ship Inspection
How Travel Agents Can Make the Most of a Cruise Ship Inspection
Want to put your clients on the right cruise? HAR's cruise ship inspection checklist helps travel agents evaluate a ship's lodging, dining, layout and more.
2019 New Travel Agent Income Report
The New Hosted Travel Agent Report, 2019
New hosted agents represented a critical mass in our 2019 income survey. This data tells us who they, what they earn and how they run they run their agencies.