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Friday 15

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Welcome to Friday 15! In episode 109 Steph chats about where to use your agency name, sales tax, hiring a registered agent, and keeping clients when you leave a host.

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  5. (More on ASTA’s Legislative Day 2023)
  6. (What to expect with ASTA Legislative Day)
  7. (Info on travel agency accreditation numbers)
  8.  (More info on ASTA’s advocacy efforts)
  9.  (HAR’s Course on Starting your Agency!)
  10. (Info on West Virginia taxing travel agency services)
  11. (Info on New Mexico’s taxing on gross receipts for agencies located in NM)
  12. (Info on South Dakota’s taxing on gross receipts for agencies located in SD)
  13. (List of host agencies with profile details on if an advisor can keep host agency leads once they leave)
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