Welcome to the Industry - New Travel Agent Training - Winter Semester

Welcome to the Industry - New Travel Agent Training - Winter Semester

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Welcome, New Travel Agents!

At The Paper Ticket, training and education is our passion! When you join The Paper Ticket as a new travel agent, you’re not left on your own to figure it out! This virtual course has everything you need to know to start your own travel business. We’ll walk you through the start-up of your agency and give you the foundational knowledge of a travel advisor so you’re ready to start with confidence immediately. For "The Producers" (our Independent Consultants), this program is included with your membership.

The course begins on February 4th, and we’ll continue through April 20th, giving you a world of information in small bites along the way with accompanying hand-out materials.  New lessons containing nearly 100 hours of content are released 3x / week for 11 weeks. Watch on your schedule and use our daily “Office Hours” for follow-up.  You’ll enjoy a mix of visual presentations with some listen-only podcast-style sessions. Conversations with your peer group and scheduled measurements throughout the journey will keep you accountable – and we’re always available for one-on-one support!


Registration: Now - February 4th

Live Welcome Session: Friday, February 4th

Classes Begin: Tuesday, February 8th

Classes End: Wednesday, April 20th

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