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Company Details

  • Founded
  • Host Type
    Hybrid (Host & Travel Agency)
  • Currently Accepting
    Beginner Agents, Experienced Agents
  • Accepts Agents in
  • # of Contractors
  • Annual Sales
  • Languages Spoken
  • GDS
    Not Offered
  • Consortia
  • Accreditations
  • Members of
  • Seller of Travel
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • Focuses
    Adventure, Cruise, Disney, Groups, Leisure, Luxury, Honeymoon/DWs, FITs

Program Details

  • Ticketing Service for non-GDS Agents
  • Lead Program
  • Education Program
    IC Education, In-person, On-demand
  • Allows Sub-agents

Pricing & Commission

  • Start Up Fee
  • Location requirement
  • Annual Fee
  • Commission Split Range
    70% to 90%
  • Frequency of Commission Payments
  • Method of Payment
    Check, Direct Deposit

Technology & Tools

  • Marketing Programs
    Direct Mail, Consumer Magazine, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Tools
  • Leisure Tools
    Air Booking Tool, Cruise Booking Tool, Hotel Booking Tool
  • Corporate Tools
  • CRM

About The Paper Ticket

At The Paper Ticket, we are on a mission to create a new category in the host travel agency space that unites the best of old and new industry practices.  We develop best-in-the-business travel agents, attract established veterans, and retain members with a tight-knit community for professionals to learn and thrive.

We evoke the “Golden Age of Travel” when a client’s dream vacation was tailored to their needs by a professional with exceptional service in a sophisticated atmosphere. With a modern twist, we incorporate the best of old and new practices with “The Producers” (you, our Independent Consultants) and our clients.

We only work with individuals who intend to become TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS. We do not cater to hobbyists; we love travel, and we want to work with people who want to become successful doing something they love.

Learn more about joining the team - including our EXCLUSIVE NEW AGENT TRAINING PROGRAM - here: