3 Things Holding You Back from Being FT

3 Things Holding You Back from Being FT

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The Three Things That Hold You Back From Being a Full-Time Travel Agent

A free online class for travel agents who want to master the art of group travel to make more money with less effort

During This Free, Live Class, You’ll Learn:


A rinse-and-repeat sales process that works like a charm whether you’re in the hustle of Wave season or you’re plugging away at your 9-5.


The proven system to serve more clients without burning out. This easy to use process has saved me and my students over 25 hours of work each week.


The foolproof way to make consistent money right now so you no longer need to cross your fingers and wait for a big commission.


How you can use my complete Destination Wedding Playbook to become a full time, profitable travel agent.


I’m Will Medina, As a travel agent in the trenches, I know what it’s like to grind away at a 9-5 only to come home and burn the midnight oil quoting vacations for tire kickers who end up booking on their own. Back in the day, my goal was to earn 30K a year as a travel agent so I could leave my bank job. Today, I run a million dollar travel business without working weekends or 16 hour days. And I have a full book of dream clients who pay me for what I do. I created the Destination Wedding Playbook so you can implement my system and build your own profitable travel business.