2018 Fee Survey Hosted Agents
Hosted Travel Agent Fee Report, 2018 [+Free Infographic]
Our 2018 Hosted Travel Agent Fee Survey will answer all of your questions about which hosted agent charge, what they charge for and how much they're charging.
Meet Logan header
Welcome to HAR, Logan! (Who's Logan, You Ask? Read This to Find Out, Silly.)
Logan Fulmer: HAR's Project Coordinator and man of mystery . . . until now! Read on to get to know the newest member of HAR.
Top 9 Tips for Success Heading into 2019
Avoya Travel® asked their top producing independent agencies to share top tips with travel professionals on how to prepare for Wave season.
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Three Tips for Working IN your Business
Nexion Travel Group President, Jackie Friedman, rounds out 2018 with 3 tips for travel agents to stay organized by maximizing their CRM.
Switching Host Agencies? Here’s 5 Things to Consider.
Switching Host Agencies? Here’s 5 Things to Consider.
Switching host agencies? Here's a complete list of what to do before you take the plunge---including a travel advisor and host perspective!
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Nexion Travel Group Extends Marketing and Educational Events for Members Seek...
Nexion is creating more luxury travel education and resources with a luxury travel magazine edition and two events designed for luxury advisors.
What suppliers want you to know about booking groups header image
Here’s What Suppliers Want You to Know About Booking Groups
Want to break into booking group travel? The article has expert advice on booking group travel from suppliers with a downloadable cheatsheet!
KHM Travel Group article
What do KHM Travel Group’s Core Values mean to Travel Agents?
KHM Travel established a set of core values to ensure they don't lose sight of their original mission during a time of the company's growth.
Travel Quest Host Agency Sponsored Story
How to Become a Home-Based Travel Agent: Everything You Need to Know
Nothing feels better than being your own boss.In most fields, you need the infrastructure and support of a reputable corporation to reach anything beyond low-hanging fruit. In the travel industry, things are changing—and if you move now, you can catch the wave. While the industry used to be domin...
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2018 Fee Survey
Fancy meeting you here! The big Bummer is that our 2018 fee survey is closed :(But the HUGE triumph is we received a record-breaking number of responses to the survey! Over 860 people responded to the survey!!! So you all really came through, and we're excited to do a little data magic (well, the...
Travel Quest Host Agency Sponsored Story
The Truth About Becoming an Independent Travel Agent
Travel Quest reviews the perks (and challenges) of becoming an independent travel agent.
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A 360° Tour of HAR 2.0 Profiles
HAR 2.0 has launched and we're just beginning to dig into some of our new functionality . . . starting with updated host and franchise profiles.