Who is the Hosted Travel Agent in 2018?
There's no such thing as an "average agent" but we have some data on trends on what demographics consist of the independent agent sector in 2018.
Start And Grow Your Business With Avoya’s Expanding Programs
Avoya is enhancing their professional development education opportunities with an expansion of their Mastermind Academy and through partnership with CLIA.
Top LGBTQ Blogs Every Travel Agent Should Follow (2018)
We've researched our hearts out for the 2018 Best LGBTQ Blogs for Travel Agents to Follow --- No matter your niche/client demographic, these are must reads!
GIFTE Hosts the Third Annual Travel Entrepreneurship Week
GIFTE will present their 3rd annual Travel Entrepreneurship Week (TEW) to the travel industry community at large, June 18th to June 23rd.
Secrets of the Two Travel Agent Household
YTC profiles three independent travel agent couples about the joys and challenges of balancing work and relationship in two-agent households.
Host Agency Not Paying Commissions? Here's What to Do.
No one wants to hear a host agency not paying commissions. If you're owed $100, $50,000, or hoping to avoid the scenario entirely, here's a plan of action.
Oasis Travel Network Celebrates Top-Producing Agents Aboard Scenic Diamond
OASIS Travel Network recently honored its top agents with a seven-night Bordeaux voyage aboard the Scenic Diamond.
How to #Win in Life and Business: Thoughts from Avi
Host Agency Reviews' newest addition, 3-month-old Avi, shares thoughts on how to succeed in life and in business. (Basically tons of CUTE baby pics).
New Tech is Your Secret Weapon
Travel Planners International host agency offers tips on how to leverage marketing so it's digitized, personalized and fosters customer engagement.
MTravel Wins Prestigious “Best Host Agency” Award
The host agency division of Corporate Travel Management, North America, has been named ‘Best Host Agency’ by SOCAL ASTA, Southern California Chapter.
Travel Agency Websites: What are Your Options and the Pros and Cons?
Discover different types of travel agency websites, costs, technical expertise needed and what other agents like/dislike about the website programs they use.
Host Agency Commission Plan Comparison Calculator [+ Infographic]
Maximize your earnings! Use our FREE Commission Plan Comparison Calculator. Review every ABC: Annually, Before Big Bookings, Change Host or Consortia.