What I Wish I'd Known: 7 Veteran Agents Look Back, Give Advice [Infographic]

A while back, I posted a question up on Facebook:

Agent Friends: What advice do you wish someone had told you when you first became a travel agent?

I had some great answers, some of which were turned into a delectable little infographic-like image for you! Sometimes, yours truly needs to flex my creative juices beyond writing... ;)

I couldn't fit everything on here but you can read the nuggets of wisdom in full on the original Facebook post  Or, better yet, share some advice of your own in the comments below! What advice resonated with you? What advice is missing for those that are looking to become a travel agent?

That's All Folks

Well, there you have it. Our first infographic! If this is your inaugural visit to the site, what a treat for you! See, I typically write more long form content but you've been treated to a visual display of wonder this time around, oooo la la!

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