Top 10 benefits of using a host agency
Top 10 Benefits of Using a Host Agency
Is a host travel agency the right choice for me? What are the benefits of using a host agency? Find out what you need to know about host agencies & why use one.
starting travel agency from home
Starting a Travel Agency from Home
Thinking of starting a travel agency? You're in luck. ☘️ We grew up in the industry and specialize in helping people get started! We'll walk you through it all.
Tips on How to Find the Best Host Travel Agency
Use these easy guidelines to help find the best host travel agency. Learn the right questions to ask to find the best fit for your home based travel business.
What Is a   Preferred Supplier in Travel
What Is a Preferred Supplier in Travel?
We break down what a preferred supplier is, why travel agents book preferreds, and give some examples of the perks in a preferred supplier relationship!
Travel Agent Commissions, Explained. [Infographic]
Travel Agent Commissions, Explained. [Infographic]
We spill it all! The different types of travel agent commissions, how much commission to expect with Disney versus a tour operator vs. an airline, and more!
Travel Agent Charging Fess
Taking the Plunge: A Travel Agent’s Guide to Charging Fees
Travel agents charging fees is slowly becoming the norm. In 2020, 52% of hosted travel agents reported charging fees. While we're thrilled that agents tipped the balance over the 50% mark, this is only a 9% increase from 2016, when 43% of hosted agents reported charging fees.HAR knows how hard tr...