From “Agent” to “Advisor": ASTA Embraces Change
    Yes, we know we’re behind on covering this. But we swear, it’s not our fault! We’ve been working behind the scenes with ASTA to schedule a webinar for our readers (as well as a special sign up offer!) to make sure we’re all on the same page about what the “new” ASTA has in store for independent c...
    Travel Agent Training & Education [FREE Downloadable List]
    Need travel agent training? View our complete list of travel schools, host agency programs, certification options. Plus, a FREE guide to help you decide!
    Who is the Hosted Travel Agent in 2018?
    Who is the hosted travel agent? This is what HAR wanted to find out with one of our biggest surveys of the year is our Travel Agent Income Survey. As it's name suggests, the survey provides TONS of income information from travel agents. But we didn't stop there. Beyond income data, the survey pro...
    2017 Top Ten Article Countdown on Host Agency Reviews!
    Here at HAR we get pretty curious about what articles our readers gravitate toward. So we dug into our 2017 analytics to see exactly what readers found most appealing/helpful on the site in 2017!  The readers have spoken! Analytics don't lie! Drumroll, Please! 10. What Is a Host Agency? No...
    3 Real-Life Ways Travel Agents Save You Money (That Can’t)
    Contrary to popular belief, travel agents can offer big things that Expedia can't, such as allowing you to pay in installments and put things on hold!
    A GDS Primer: What is the GDS and Which Travel Agents Need It?
    HAR breaks down the in and outs of the global distribution system (GDS): What is it, who needs it, and how can travel agents book without it?