A 360° Tour of HAR 2.0 Profiles

November 9, 2018

Welcome aboard the HAR 2.0. We are delighted and honored to have you here for an inspection of our updated profiles!

Tour of New Host Agency Reviews Profile Header Image

We’ve been scheming and dreaming about HAR 2.0 for a long time and are happy to finally unveil a few key updates including:

  1. User profiles
  2. More detailed profile & review information
  3. Bookmark feature
  4. Communicate directly with hosts/ franchises/consortia: Schedule a call, email
  5. Q&A section on company profiles

Read on to explore some of the features . . . or fast forward to the end of the blog to check out Steph’s nifty video tutorial.

User Profiles

First things first. In order to fully engage with new profiles, you will need to set up a user account.

Your user profile is the keys to the #newHAR kingdom! With the profile, you’ll be able to leave a review, ask questions and use the bookmark features.

Setting up a profile is so easy that my dog could do it if she had opposable thumbs. Just visit the sign up page and follow the prompts.

Host Agency Reviews 2.0 Profile - Sign Up

Don’t forget to fill out your profile and add your picture/avatar!

Host Agency Reviews 2.0 Profile - User Profile

Speaking of host profiles . . .

Updated Company Profile Information and Bookmark Feature

The new profiles have waaaaaay more detailed information. Not only that, but if you created your own user profile, you can help keep track of your shortlist by “bookmarking” your favorite hosts/franchises/consortia.

We’ve added a lot of new information to the profiles including: What states hosts have SOT licenses; What type of travel they focus on selling; Fees; Lead program information; Marketing program information; Ticketing desk availability and more.

Host Agency Reviews 2.0 Profile - Details Bookmark

PS: On our business and first class profiles, you’ll also find a list of preferred suppliers and some other enhanced profile features.

Leaving a Review

Our review experience has been enhanced on the new site (along with pretty much everything else)! Setting up the profile will add legitimacy to your review and lets us know that you are a real live human being.

But our reviews aren’t where we last put them. And there’s some added functionality we want to make sure you’re aware of:

Host Agency Reviews 2.0 Profile - Reviews

Here’s the new ways you can navigate and interact with existing reviews:

  1. Visit reviews according to rating
  2. Search reviews (which is really handy if you want to find reviews specific about CRMS, education, back end support, technology etc.)
  3. Sort reviews according to date (current to older) or rating (high to low)
  4. Rate the quality of a review an agent leaves (thumbs up/down). This help ensure the most thorough reviews are highlighted on top!

You Can Chat Up Hosts, Franchises, and (NEW!) Consortia

Okay, so you’re elbow deep in research and you have a burning question about a host agency that more detailed, specific to you or not included on the profile. Now there are more ways to ask those questions.

There are three ways to connect directly with companies on their profiles:

  1. Question and Answer: This is great for a quick question . . . especially those that would be beneficial to other prospective agents. Chances are if you have the question, then more people do too!
  2. Email Host: Why and don’t want to publicize your question? Go ahead and send them an email.
  3. Schedule a call: This is particularly good with your short list of hosts when your wheels are ready to hit the ground and you want explore signing a contract . . . or if it’s just more helpful for you to talk things through!

Where are all these fabulous new features? Thought you’d never ask!

Host Agency Reviews 2.0 Profile - Email and Call

The question and answer feature is the only one where you need to have a profile created (Which I highly recommend! Not creating a profile is like just sitting in a new car instead of test driving it!)

The question and answer feature has a whole life of its own. On that page, you can have a whole lot of fun by:

  1. Asking questions
  2. Answering questions
  3. “Bumping up” questions you think would be über helpful for other agents
  4. Rating responses (thumbs up or thumbs down)
Host Agency Reviews 2.0 Profile - Question and Answer

All of This Great Info In a Nifty Video

Want to see this tour live in action? Check out Steph’s video tutorial of the HAR 2.0 host profiles!

There’s More to Come!

Thank you for touring our recently renovated site! If you have questions drop us a line at [email protected]!

In the meantime, key an eye out for more website features we’re releasing over the next few months!

There’s a whole more where this came from.

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