The Best Host Travel Agency of 2020!

January 8, 2020
HAR 2020 Luminary Awards

There's some debate as to whether or not we're in a new decade. We can't resolve that huge debate here at Host Agency Reviews (HAR), but we CAN reveal the best host travel agency of 2020!!!

What?! Impossible, you say! But hear me out:

Last year, HAR had the wild idea to create an annual list of the best host travel agencies out there — we dubbed it the HAR Luminary Awards. Wilder yet? We know that not every host is right for every person, so we decided to use objective measures to choose the best host travel agency of 2020.

In fact, there's so many great hosts, that we can't choose just one. We created four different categories to celebrate the strengths of host agencies!

Which hosts made the list in 2020? Are there any new hosts on the scene this year? Are there any repeat hosts? Read on and we'll reveal the identity of the stellar hosts, shining their light on our 2020 HAR Luminary Awards! 🤩

Who is the Best Host Travel Agency in 2020?

There's a lot of subjective things you need to consider when picking a host. For example, does their company culture jive with you? You probably consider details such as, how do they prioritize their technology tools? How often do they make updates to their programming? What kind of education they provide their Independent Contractor.

There's also pressing questions like, Is their office mascot fluffy enough for you? How would they react if you wear an inflatable t-rex suit for casual Friday?

Since it's so subjective, it's tough to name the best host travel agency out there. The HAR Luminary Awards is our way of using an objective standard of measurement to recognize companies for their transparency and engagement on the site.

All About HAR's Luminary Awards

The HAR Luminary Awards are so neat-o because any host listed on our site can win. We are not susceptible to bribery! Even if you bring the cutest, fluffiest, snuggliest puppy to Steph's office, she will stay strong and give you no preference (actually please don't try this or I may need to intervene 😉)!

That's right. They are truly objective. We have our advertisers in there; we have people that don't advertise. We have large hosts; we have boutique hosts.

Before I get into how our math magic determines the HAR Luminary award winners and explain the different award categories, I'm going to quick review how we "qualify" hosts. We know that smaller host agencies can't meet the same requirements as a large host agency. To adjust for this, we created different tiers based on company size. Here's how:

  1. Small (1-99 independent agents/ members)
  2. Medium (100-499 independent agents/ members)
  3. Large (500+ independent agents/ members)

Okay, let's move along and get to the good part, shall we?

The Best Host Travel Agency Award Categories

HAR Luminary Awards recognize hosts in four different ways:

  1. Supernova Award: Recognizes the hosts that received at least one new review the previous year and have an average star rating of 4+
  2. Nebula Award: Recognizes the hosts with a certain number of new reviews
  3. Constellation Award: Recognizes the host agencies that engage with readers on their Host Agency Reviews' profile (responding to questions and reviews)
  4. Data Scientist Award: Recognizes the host agencies with the most participation in our surveys.

The Best Host Agency in 2020 award data is taken from the host's aggregate info in 2019.

Okay, the drumroll is LONG ENOUGH! I can't take the suspense any longer. Here's the Best Host Travel Agency of 2020, in each category and listed in alphabetically.

HAR Top Host Agency Supernova Award Badge

The 2020 Host Agency Reviews Supernova Award Winners

Sometimes a star gets so big and so bright that it's about to explode. That sums up our supernova awards. Its criteria recognizes the best host agencies in 2020 that have a 4.0 or higher average star rating, and have received at least one new review the previous year. Here are the hosts that burned brightly!

Large Host Agency supernova Award winners

  1. Avoya Travel
  2. KHM Travel Group
  3. Nexion Travel Group
  4. Outside Agents
  5. Travel Quest Network

Medium Host Agency Supernova Award Winners

  1. Andavo
  2. Dugan's Travels LLC
  3. Gateway Travel
  4. Gifted Travel Network
  5. Incentive Connection Travel
  6. Magical Moments Vacations

Small Host Agency supernova Award Winners

We have no small host agency award winners this year! Check back next year for the rising stars!

HAR Top Host Agency Nebula Award Badge

The 2020 Host Agency Reviews Nebula Award Winners

What is that faraway cloud of light shining bright in the distance? They are the best host agencies of all sizes that have accumulated the most new reviews.

Who are these hosts attracting the attention of new travel agent ICs? Drumroll please . . .

Large Host Agency Nebula Award winners

  1. Avoya Travel
  2. Outside Agents
  3. Travel Quest Network

Medium Host Agency Nebula Award Winners

  1. Gifted Travel Network
  2. Luxevo Vacations

Small Host Agency Nebula Award Winners

No "small host" winners for 2020! Try again next year!

HAR Top Host Agency Constellation Award Badge

The 2020 Host Agency Reviews Constellation Award Winners

Sure. Stars are bright and fun when they fly solo, but they're a lot more interesting to look at when they gather in groups and hangout in the sky in the shape of a horse, dog, or a mythical Greek hunter with a fancy sparkling belt. The HAR Constellation Award is for best travel host agencies who engage on their profiles. They answer your questions. They respond to your reviews. They want you to be as informed as possible!

Large Host Agency Constellation Award winners

  1. Travel Quest Network

Holy heck! We had no small or mid-sized host winners for our constellation award in 2020. Check back next year!

HAR Top Host Agency Data Scientist Award Badge

The 2020 Host Agency Reviews Data Scientist Award Winners

You may or may not know that we're eggheads here at HAR. We like data A LOT. If it were cuddly, we'd cuddle it right back. Every year we publish delectable data through our income survey (psst, the income survey is coming VERY soon and we'd love for you to take it!) and fee survey.

But guess what?! That great data doesn't magically materialize from the stratosphere. No sirree. We partner with host agencies and franchises, who do a lot of legwork in reaching out to their ICs to participate! The Data Scientist award recognizes the best host travel agencies and franchises who make these sometimes-Herculean efforts so our data is all the more stunning in our infographics. Who are these hosts this year?

Large Host Agency & Franchise Data Scientist Award winners

  1. Cruise Planners - an American Express Travel Representative
  2. KHM Travel Group
  3. Nexion Travel Group
  4. Outside Agents
  5. Travel Planners International
  6. Travel Quest Network

Medium Host Agency Supernova Award Winners

  1. Dugan's Travels LLC

When it comes to mid-sized and smaller hosts, we don't have any hosts that met our criteria! But check back next year to see which ones are geeking out with us!

The Luminary Award Archives!

This isn't our first rodeo with the HAR Luminary Awards! Check out who won in the past so you can see who are new to this year's list and who are repeat title-holders!

  1. 2019 HAR Luminary Award Results

That's a Wrap!

*High five* to all the best travel host agencies and franchises in 2020 (get it, stellar) resources and support to burgeoning and established agents alike.

And stay tuned for next January to see which hosts will return to claim their prize, and which one will be newbies on the HAR award circuit!

A List of Luminary Award Criteria:

With the exception of the Suprernova award (which awards a high average star rating), we tally up our data from the previous year to determine our award winners. Here's the deets:

  1. Supernova Criteria: All hosts must have a 4 or higher average star rating and at least one new review for the previous year. Additionally: Small hosts need 15 or more total reviews; mid-sized hosts need 35 total reviews; large hosts need 100 total reviews. 
  2. Nebula Criteria: Large hosts (500+ ICs), ≥25 new reviews; Mid-sized hosts (100-499 ICs), ≥10 new reviews; Small hosts (fewer than 50 ICs) ≥3 new reviews 
  3. Constellation Criteria: Large hosts (500+ ICs), ≥ 35 interactions; Mid-sized hosts (100-499 ICs), ≥ 15 interactions; Small hosts (fewer than 50 ICs), ≥ 5 interactions.
  4. Data Scientist Criteria: What was our criteria for the Data Scientist award? Hosts must participate in both surveys and a have total participant count of: Large hosts (500+ ICs), ≥ 100 IC participants; Mid-sized hosts (100-499 ICs), ≥40 IC participants; Small hosts (fewer than 100 ICs), ≥ 20 IC participants 

*01/13/2020 Editors Note: Legato was originally listed as a "small host" award winner for the Constellation, Supernova, and Nebula Awards. We removed Legato as award winners in these categories due to the fact they qualify as a "mid-sized" host. Under the "List of Luminary Award Criteria" section, it was also specified that data is tallied from previous year (with exception of the Supernova award, which considers star rating average of all reviews).

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