2016 Top Ten Article Countdown!

January 6, 2017
2016 Top Ten Article Countdown!

Sayonara, 2016 . . . you're gone but not forgotten! It's been a big year on the site, and it's our tradition to post the 10 of the year (because we like to dork out on stuff like that). You'll see there are a ton of repeat articles from previous years, so before we launch in, I want to do a mini top-3 among articles that were written in 2016! (Gotta give the new kids on the block a chance, okay?!)

So here's top 3 of articles written in 2016!!! 

1. Free Travel Agent Forms | Templates for Travel Agencies

Free Travel Agent Forms | Templates for Travel Agencies

It's no wonder to me this article was one of the most popular new article: It provides awesome forms travel agents can integrate onto their own website to help them make their lives easier and their clients happier. Intrigued? Read on!

2. Travel Agency Franchise or Host Agency? A Crash Course

Travel agency franchise or host agency

If I may say so myself, this article was pretty epic. It really lays out some of the differences between a host agency and a travel agency franchise. But to put icing on the cake, it has a table of different travel agency franchises and even includes an interactive quiz for readers to help decide what travel agency model might be best for their budget and their work temperament. 

3. Travel Agency Accreditation Options

Travel Agency Accreditation

Rolling in at #3 is this behemoth of an article. Have you seen the flowchart that helps travel agents navigate different accreditation options? Did you listen to the sound bites so you could hear about accreditation options directly? They're truly sights and sounds to behold!

Okay, done with the primer. Without further, I bring you Host Agency Reviews top 10 article countdown of 2016!

10. What Is a Host Agency?

What is a Host Agency?

An oldie but a goodie. This article offers in depth info on what a host agency is and what it can do for an independent travel agent! 

9. Tips on How to Find the Best Travel Host Agency

Tips on How to Find the Best Travel Host Agency

This article is a real gem for agents who decide to go with a host agency. It really walks you through the process of trying to choose. As an added kicker, it has a really snazzy video and a downloadable worksheet to help you sort your thoughts. 

8. What is a CLIA Number?

What is a CLIA card?

The mysteries of accreditation revealed! This article tells you everything you wanted to know about CLIA and more! Plus, we revamped it in 2016 to make sure everything was current!

7. Do You Need A Travel Agent License?

State and Province Seller of Travel Laws

Do you want to sell travel to clients in HI, CA, IA, FL or WA? Well then you'll want to take a gander at this article . . . 

6. Explaining Travel Agent Commissions

Explaining Travel Agent Commissions

The mysteries of travel agent commissions are revealed in this article. Read up on how suppliers tier commissions and other factors that go into determining travel agent commissions. 

5. Travel Agency Certification—What Are Your Options?

Travel Agent Certification

This article was number 5 last year, too! There's tons of options out there, and this article will give you an idea of what kind of certification is available and how it might help your travel agency. 

4. 6 Easy Tips for Choosing Travel Agency Names

Choosing travel agency names

Choosing a travel agency name is no cake walk, and once you name it it is a HUGE headache to try and rename it. But don't worry, with this article you'll be sure that you get a great travel agency name on the first! 

3. How Much Do Travel Agents Make? | Travel Agent Salary

How Much Do Travel Agents Make? A Travel Agent Salary

This is the golden question of any prospective travel agent. It gives the lay of land in terms of the range of travel agent salary according to niche, experience level and other factors as well. This article was also updated with the latest stats regarding travel agent income. 

2. How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

So it only makes sense that readers would also wonder where that travel agent income comes from in the first place, breaking it down between leisure, corporate, custom, and big-player agencies. 

1. Starting a Travel Agency from Home—A Quick Guide

starting travel agency from home

Ah yes. The bread and butter of the site! It makes sense that this article is numero uno! It goes through the essential steps of what you need to do to get up and running!

Happy reading in 2017 . . . I can't wait to see what it's store!

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