TravelAge West Wave Awards 2024

TravelAge West Wave Awards 2024

Event Details

The TravelAge West Wave Awards event is an annual celebration of excellence in the travel industry. Led by Editor-in-Chief Ken Shapiro, the editorial team at TravelAge West meticulously evaluates numerous travel suppliers and products using a comprehensive review process. This process involves thorough product analysis, on-site visits, a survey of travel agents, and extensive online research.

After careful consideration, the team selects a group of "Editor's Pick" nominees across various categories. These nominees are then featured on the official WAVE ballot, published in TravelAge West magazine, made available online, and promoted through email to travel agents across the United States.

The culmination of this prestigious event is the star-studded WAVE Awards gala held in Los Angeles. This elegant affair brings together the honorees and travel agents, creating an atmosphere of excitement and recognition. The gala serves as a platform to celebrate the exceptional qualities and services provided by the industry's leading travel suppliers.

The TravelAge West Wave Awards event showcases the commitment to excellence within the travel industry and provides well-deserved recognition to deserving winners.