Phoenix Travel Show

Phoenix Travel Show

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America’s Favorite Travel Show is Heading

Phoenix, AR

Phoenix Travel Show

February 17-18, 2024

America’s Favorite Travel Show is Heading to Phoenix

Experience the power of the Only Series of Travel Booking Shows in the U.S., as the Travel & Adventure Show heads to Phoenix.

A the #12 DMA in the United States, the greater Phoenix metro-area market continues to grow with a population of over 5.038 million. This important demographic provides travel marketers with an audience of travel consumers who have multiple options for both domestic and international travel.

Phoenix Demographic Information

  1. 59% of Phoenix consumers earn over $75,000 per year in combined household income, which is 8% higher than the national average
  2. 56% of area residents are aged 35 years and older, meaning you’ll have access to consumers who are in their peak earning years
  3. 28% are in their peak travel years of 55 and older
  4. Two local airports serve more than 48 million travelers annually, providing access to international (non-stop to 7 countries) and domestic destinations (non-stop to 36 states)
  5. Neighboring Scottsdale/Paradise Valley rank in the Top 10 of wealth centers in the U.S.