Business Bootcamp with Dugan's Travels

Business Bootcamp with Dugan's Travels

Event Details

Event 1: Active FAM Immersion in Anaheim/SoCal

- Dates: April 12-14, 2024

- Location: Anaheim/SoCal Region

- Description: Step out of the classroom and into the field with our immersive three-day FAM experience! This unique event takes you across the Anaheim/SoCal region, offering a hands-on learning journey. It's more than sightseeing – it's an active exploration with the Dugan’s team, where hotels and classrooms are mere recharging points. Dive deep into FAMs, learn through experience, and connect with the region in a whole new way.

Event 2: Intensive Business Building Seminar

- Dates: April 15-17

- Location: Classroom Setting

- Description: Ready to build or strengthen your travel business foundation? Our intensive three-day seminar is crafted for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs. This classroom-based session dives into process building, effective data collection, supplier management, legal considerations, and much more. Led by the experienced Dugan’s team, the seminar is designed to guide your entrepreneurial journey, focusing on practical skills for a successful business.

Note: Both events are interactive and led by Dugan's experienced team, ensuring a focus on your personal and professional growth, not just supplier information.