Travel Tech Audio Summit

Travel Tech Audio Summit

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Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just...

  1. Supercharge your travel agency's processes and workflows all in one place
  2. Hire industry-experienced professionals to take critical tasks off your plate
  3. Find luxury supplier contact information in an updated database

But you didn't even know that these solutions (and many more!) existed for your travel business to take advantage of. You are not alone, and that's why I spearheaded this summit.

This industry has gone leaps and bounds in many ways since I joined the industry in 2010, and these innovative tech leaders are warp speeding that even further.

If there's a solution you've been hoping for, they may have already thought of it, and you'll want to tune into the summit to learn more!

Featured Speakers include:

Irving Betesh, Sion

David Chait, Travefy

Debby Corwin, TAToolkit, Inc.

Alicia Diez, LUXPages

Kimber Falkinburg, SEQUENSE

Dora Karanikas, LUXPages

Grace McBride, Lucia

Alexandra Tucker, SEQUENSE

Carrie Wallace, FamGuru

Shayna Zand, WeTravel