Travel Agent Chatter

Diving into the World of Travel Agents

Now, I’ve gotten to know a lot of you through our articles on the site but honestly, don’t you wish we could just sit down and chat?! I sure do. Like, just do some . . . I dunno, Travel Agent Chatter or something?

Anyhow, at Host Agency Reviews we decided to spread our wings and venture into the podcast arena. Except I don’t want to call Travel Agent Chatter a “podcast”—too much pressure. So instead, I’ll say Travel Agent Chatter is where I (Steph Lee) sit down and get to know agents from all walks of life. We’ll be interviewing new travel agents, veteran agents, agents who book leisure, corporate, groups, you name it!

Each 30-45 minute Travel Agent Chatter show dives into the world of travel agents. Starting and growing their travel agency. Marketing. Successes. Bumps in the road. Booking tips. Tons-o-fun! Join us!

Podcast Episodes

  • Madeline Jhawar, Italy Beyond the Obvious

    Steph interviews Madeline Jhawar, a travel advisor who earns 80% of her income from travel advisor fees, as opposed to commissions. Hear how she does it!
    View Details 9 comments 60 minutes
  • Lu Maggiora, Travel by Lu

    Going from Hawaii to cruises to groups, Lu has done it all. Listen in as we talk about how she keeps her groups coming back year after year.
    View Details 10 comments 68 minutes
  • Becky Lukovic, Bella Travel Planning

    Becky shares how she went from backpacking around Europe to selling luxury travel. It's not about the dollar sign, it's about much more. Find out what.
    View Details 29 comments 67 minutes
  • Karen Hurlbut, Hurlbut Travel

    Karen Hurlbut, a 35-year travel veteran, shares how she's grown her home based agency to be one of Travel Planners Internationals top 40 agents!
    View Details 27 comments 51 minutes
  • Jennifer Doncsecz, VIP Vacations

    HAR's Travel Agent Chatter offers agents another opportunity to learn from an industry pro, Jennifer Doncsecz of VIP vacations.
    View Details 20 comments 55 minutes
  • Deb Fogarty, Be Well Travel

    The third interview in Host Agency Reviews' "Travel Agent Chatter" is with Deb Fogarty, travel agent extraordinaire and owner of Be Well Travel.
    View Details 11 comments 44 minutes