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February 18, 2024
I've been with Travel Quest Network for almost six months now, and I have to say I am very happy with them as my host agency. I spent quite a bit of time digging through the reviews with HAR, and after attending the course for HAR, I narrowed my list down to 3 host agencies with TQN being one of them. They checked all the boxes for me, and I'm glad that I'm with them. They offer a good blend of support, while being hands off enough to let me run my business. They have lots of in person event options, trainings and their commission model is fair and easy to understand. The best part of them I feel, is that they are constantly upgrading their platform. Whether its the CRM, Itinerary builder, suppliers or trainings, it feels like they're trying to get better and better every month. The facebook groups, connections, and chats also enhance the experience for new travel agencies. I'm very happy that I chose them and can't wait to see what new things they'll keep rolling out in the future.
June 7, 2018
Old Review

I have been with Travel Quest since 2014, prior to this I was on the wholesale side of the travel industry. Like many I have a passion for travel and when circumstances arose that I needed to make a change I looked toward the retail side of the industry. I wasn't sure how to make that work, with just one call to Travel Quest I knew how I could make it work. With Travel Quests help and encouragement I feel I have made the right decision. What I like about working with Travel Quest is when I call into support I feel like they know me. They are always very helpful in answering my questions or providing assistance with an issue. The annual TQ conference they put on is a great time to meet vendors, learn about new programs and meet fellow TQ agents. It's well worth the time to attend. Again I'm really glad I found Travel Quest and I look forward to many more years with them.

Host Agency Response
June 11, 2018

Hey Lori, I agree our yearly meeting, now renamed to Travel Quest Word is the BEST opportunity of the year to come together as agents and vendors for support and SOOOOO much learning.
I love to see agents rekindle the relationships year after year.

See you in September!


June 1, 2018
Old Review

I have had the most wonderful experience with Travel Quest! From day one, they have been there to help with any question that I may have had. I love the fact that I get auto replies that let me know that my email was received, as this was an issue I had with a previous host company. Travel Quest presents a positive transmittable energy that is wonderful to experience whenever you need to call or email in. I have had the honor of being able to join Bonnie & Walt Lee on a FAM, and a few other agents... This is not something that you would want to miss! Not only does Travel Quest have a great group of Agents on board, Bonnie and Walt themselves are the most personable, fun, and loving people to be around. Not only was the trip one that I needed so that I could do site inspections, but getting to know Bonnie, Walt, and the other agents made me confident that I not only joined the absolute best Host Agency, but I got an extended family in this agent world. So much to share, and everyone was so willing to give out information to help you succeed. This is the best Host Family I could have ever hoped for.
*Money comes when they say it will.
*There are no hidden secrets with this Agency.
*There are continually trying to grow for us, with us, and better us all.

Host Agency Response
June 7, 2018

We have the best agents ever!! Really we do. Bonnie and Walt are alot of fun to travel with, well and just fun everyday. Thanks again for the kind words!

June 1, 2018
Old Review

Bonnie, Walt, and the entire team at TQ are SIMPLY THE BEST! They genuinely care about all of their IC's and celebrate everyone's success. At TQ there is endless support and training. Their systems are organized in such a way as to empower all agents to be successful. I'm forever grateful for my friends and (now family) at Travel Quest; their support has truly been a blessing.

Host Agency Response
June 7, 2018

Thanks Katie!! We strive to be great, but it helps when we have stellar agents like you to work with! So glad you are part of TQ!!

May 30, 2018
Old Review

Travel Quest is the right fit for me! Superior support, quick invoicing, and a network of travel agents who are willing to help each other.

Host Agency Response
June 4, 2018

Thanks Holly! We love having you being a part of the Travel Quest Family!!

May 23, 2018
Old Review

I started with TQ less than a year ago after talking to another agent who asked if I ever considered being an agent. I have been very happy with TQ. I only do this part-time but have been have happy with TQ's helpfulness on getting me started. I've had a couple 30 min coaching's over the phone with Angie. These have been very helpful. The staff has been so wonderful and their website has been great to work with.

Host Agency Response
May 24, 2018

I have enjoyed getting to know you. One of my favorite parts of my job is coaching sessions, most of all because then I get to know the agents and help them. Thanks for the kind words.

May 10, 2018
Old Review

One of the programs is free (For new agents) ! Just what I was looking for.

Host Agency Response
May 18, 2018

I'm glad we had what you were looking for! We enjoy getting to work with new agents and seeing their business grow.

May 9, 2018
Old Review

This fall will be my five year anniversary with Travel Quest (that went fast)!! After 7 years of working at a storefront agency I decided I needed a change of pace and was looking for an opportunity to start my own business. I knew of Bonnie & Travel Quest and after a little more research I felt this was the best fit for me. EVERYONE is so wonderful, supportive, and encouraging. The resources and support offered have been crucial in growing my business. I am so grateful for the Travel Quest team as well as the amazing network of agents that come along with being a part of Travel Quest..they are simply the best!

Host Agency Response
May 15, 2018

Hi Megan,
Where did the last 5 years go? We are so thankful for you as a agent. We appreciate you choosing us for your business.

May 3, 2018
Old Review

I checked into Travel Quest upon a recommendation. When I checked out their website I immediately felt like this was a family. After talking with Angie, I was sold. TQ staff are so open and welcoming, answering any and all questions and assisting in any way possible. Their goal truly is to help you build your business and they give you the tools and information to do so. There is no pressure as they encourage you to build your business at your pace. I am so happy that I found TQ!

Host Agency Response
May 11, 2018

I still remember chatting with you for the first time. Our goal is truly to help agents grow their business and we stand behind this everyday. I look forward to working with you for many more years.

April 23, 2018
Old Review

About four years ago, I became a part of Travel Quest. I was so nervous and had no idea what I was doing. Those nerves were quickly calmed and my knowledge immediately deepened within the first few weeks.The entire staff welcomed me and made me feel like I was a part of the family. Through emails and phone calls, the support began instantly. Everyone is readily accessible and always happy to help.

The girls in the office are my biggest cheerleaders...they take so much joy in my success. Bonnie is a fireball of intensity and motivates me every time I see her. Her knowledge and leadership are top notch and it has been a true blessing for me to be a part of this agency. And, she makes everyone feel like they're her BFF!

The national meetings are beyond helpful, are loads of fun and provide so many avenues to learn and make new connections.

I have never had any issue with this host. I read horror stories on agents boards about how they're treated, how they are not supported, how commissions are lost, etc...and I can not relate. I am a part of the best host agency, hands down!

Host Agency Response
May 1, 2018

Thank you for the great review! I think you have a great description of Bonnie she is a fireball and does treat everyone kindly. I am super lucky to work with agents everyday. It's fun watching your business grow and to be a part of that.
Thanks for choosing us!

April 18, 2018
Old Review

Travel Quest is not just a host agency, they are a family! I love my family at TQ! Whenever I have a question, they are a quick e-mail or phone call away. Someone always has the perfect solution for whatever my dilemma may be. This atmosphere is fostered among all of the independent agents within the TQ family. As a result, we are quick to help each other with needs and knowledge.
Bonnie and Walt are actively involved along with their wonderful staff. Even as the company has grown throughout the nearly 5 years I have been with them, the atmosphere has not changed.
They are constantly making training and informational webinars available. The resources and tools that are at the tips of our fingers increase each year. Their goal is for you to succeed!
While I had some travel industry knowledge when I began this career, I started with Travel Quest with no experience as an agent. Bonnie and staff have been instrumental in my education and growth in this role!
I cannot see myself anywhere else!

Host Agency Response
April 18, 2018

I still remember when you first called Travel Quest I was the one to talk to you. I knew right from the first time I spoke with you that you would be a great agent and fit right in. So glad you are part of TQ. Thank you for the kind words and support.

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