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December 27, 2012
We started with another Host Agency in 2008, and dealt with poor accounting practices, delayed commission payments, lost commissions, untimely support responses, and antiquated technology. We made the move to Travel Quest two years ago and it was the best move we'd ever made. The entire Travel Quest team made the move seamless for us, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. They respond to support tickets usually within a day (sometimes the same day). They have a sophisticated commission tracking system that offers transparent accountability. They have a great community discussion forum for their agents to share advice. And, together with their affiliation with Travel Leaders, they carry a lot of recognition and a great reputation in the industry. It's quite bittersweet that we are parting ways with Travel Quest. We're going out on our own, and we'll miss them dearly - but at the same time, we wouldn't be in the position to take this huge step without their support over the last couple of years. Our previous Host would have never prepared us for this type of move, or put us in a position where our volume has doubled in 2 years. A Host Agency can make or break your home based business. We learned the hard way that there are Hosts that aren't set up to help you advance in the industry. Anyone looking to start a Home Based Travel Agency should look no further than Travel Quest. The same goes for anyone wanting to get away from their current Host, as the transition is easy. Bonnie (the Owner) and her crew will provide everything you need to sell any kind of travel to anyone.
January 30, 2018

I recently just started with Travel Quest, but I am so glad that I picked them as my host agency!! I did a ton of research before choosing a host but don't think I could have picked a better one! They have a great commission plan for new agents but what really sets them apart for me is the support! I love that I can call them up or email anytime and they all already know me by name and they humor all of my dumb newbie questions. All of the support staff is friendly and fantastic and I can't say enough about how at home they have made me feel! They also offer a ton of great trainings whether it be through webinars, on demand trainings, or their 1 on 1 coaching program! If you are looking for that personalized connection that is so often missing in todays day and age TQ has it, so don't wait any longer!!!

Host Agency Response
February 1, 2018

Hi Elise,
Thank you so much for the kind words. Our whole company sits within 20 feet of each other with no walls between us. I am so privileged to work with such great staff every day.


January 4, 2018

Bonnie and Walt lead Travel Quest with friendly, optimistic enthusiasm, and their attitude is contagious. They attract upbeat and friendly staff and independent consultants to Travel Quest. Angie is an excellent staff member with a good history as a travel consultant herself before she came on board with TQ, and she uses her experience to help and mentor ICs such as myself - for free! Travel Quest has IC programs ranging from free for those new to the industry to the 90% commission plan I am on to even a 100% commission program for high achievers. But no matter which program you choose, the TQ staff are friendly and supportive, helping you to become the best IC you can be.

Another perk of being with Travel Quest is that they are a member of Travel Leaders. TL offers programs such as the Agent Profiler free web presence for referrals, the Leaders Edge website which is highly SEO optimized for good billing on Google, their Engagement marketing program and free AgentMate CRM. They also offer specialized training (for a fee) for those who specialize in Leisure, Luxury, Active & Adventure, and Romance/Weddings & Honeymoons. I think they might also have corporate travel training available?

Travel Leaders and Travel Quest have good relationships with suppliers, meaning good commissions and help when you need it from BDMs. Travel Quest also offers a free annual sales meeting in Minneapolis for its ICs. Travel Leaders also offers an annual sales meeting plus regional sales meetings, which may charge a fee, unfortunately, and are held in different locations each year. These are all good Training and Networking opportunities.

All considered, I am very happy I switched to Travel Quest. Relationships matter so much to one’s happiness and success, and Travel Quest supports great relationships both through their leadership and Staff, their mentoring program, and also through their sales meetings and closed Facebook group for ICs.

Host Agency Response
January 9, 2018

Hello April! Thank you so much for your kind words and the awesome review!! The feedback that we receive from our agents is so greatly appreciated! I am extremely grateful to be a part of the Travel Quest team and getting to work with our fantastic agents!

December 21, 2017

I've been booking corporate travel for many years and I've always wanted to start my own travel business and help my clients travel the world. I did lots of research and Travel Quest was the best choice. The entire team at Travel Quest is amazing. I've had many questions so far and they're always happy to help. I also feel their pricing structure is extremely fair. I highly recommend them.

Host Agency Response
January 1, 2018

Hi Susan, I look forward to watching the leisure side of your business grow. Your corporate clients trust your expertice, so moving into booking the leisure side of their business seems to be the perfect idea!

Happy New Year!


December 18, 2017

Love this agency and the work they’ll be helping me with doing for my Agency.

Host Agency Response
December 19, 2017

Hi Michael, thanks for the review! We're very excited to start working with you and can't wait to see you and your company grow! We look forward to many more years of working with you.

December 1, 2017

The search for the right host agency is one of the most important steps in starting your travel business. In 2015, I spent a lot of time researching and narrowing down my choices to a select few. Once I had my telephone interview with Angie, I knew immediately that TQ was the host for me. Everyone says the Travel Quest is like a family, and it's true. The owners, Bonnie and Walt, and the TQ staff, are so warm and welcoming and genuinely care about you and your business. They pour so much of themselves into their support of your business, no matter how big or small you are. I started with no experience, and my business has grown exponentially year after year. I believe that my success as a travel agent is a direct result of the choice to join TQ. I don't believe I would have had the courage to take on some of my most lucrative clients without their help. Now, I feel confident and competent in my business, but always know that if I need something, they will go to bat for me. I consider the members of the Travel Quest team my family and my friends. If you are looking for the right host agency fit, just give them a call and see what I mean!

Host Agency Response
December 1, 2017

Wow, it has only been 2 years, it seems longer. It's been fun getting to meet you at conferences and workshops even though we are states apart. I am so grateful to get to watch your travel business grow leaps and bounds. You have all of the ingredients a person needs to be a true success. Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate you more than you will ever know.

November 15, 2017

I have been with Travel Quest since I first started my travel agency as a new agent 6 years ago. They have been absolutely fantastic throughout all these years and I couldn't ever imagine using a different host agency. They are so patient and so helpful with any type of assistance that you could possibly need. You can always pick up the phone and they are available for you right away. The owners - Bonnie and Walt are very involved with all of their agents and they truly make Travel Quest feel like a family! :)

Host Agency Response
November 16, 2017


Wow 6 years already!!! Time really does fly by when your a Travel Agent! We are so happy that you have been an agent with us for this long. We couldn't imagine you having another host agency as well! We are so happy to have you a part of the Travel Quest family and look forward to many years working alongside you!! Thank you again for your kind words!!

November 14, 2017

I have worked with Travel Quest for the past year. The resources to create a business and numerous training opportunities has been invaluable. They patiently answer all my questions.
When we had a challenging customer situation, they helped me facilitate communication with the supplier and the customer to give the best travel experience to the customer. The kindness and support was fantastic. I couldn't imagine working with any other agency.

Host Agency Response
November 16, 2017


Thank you so much for your review! We truly appreciate all of our agents and the hard work and dedication that you all put forth as well. I am so happy that everything worked out for you in the end and we able to help your customer have a great travel experience! Thanks again for your kind words!! We truly appreciate your feedback!

November 7, 2017

To Bonnie, Walt, & the ladies who make the magic happen behind the scenes THANK YOU again and again for your unending support from my very 1st inquiry about Travel Quest and beyond.
They always pick up the phone and are PATIENT. No question is too big or small. Imagine having a vision and finally having the right support to help you realize it...well that's the team over at Travel Quest.
I attended my very first Travel Quest National Conference this year and I was floored by the excitement, engagement, & openness by everyone who attended. I had awesome networking opportunities, met many vendors, walked away with a whole extra carry on of materials goodies for my future guests, & made some new friends. Travel Quest delivered a really beautiful event and I was able to stay in the same hotel as the conference. I even got an opportunity to MIC up and do a mini interview.
This place is more like family than host agency and I appreciate their genuine desire to help me grow my business.

Host Agency Response
November 13, 2017

This review truly brought tears to my eyes, well happy tears. We strive to make this a host agency that has everything you said, patience, open arms and support. I am happy that we are able to be a part of your growing business. I am so excited you had the chance to experience our conference. It is truly a labor of love. It worth it on our end when we get to meet you the agents and learn with eachother. Thanks again for the kind words it made my day!!!

November 7, 2017

I worked for for an agency affiliated with a large well-known franchise,I wished to start my own agency. I did a good deal of research about what direction to take and Travel Quest is a standout! What a great decision! Night and day from my previous agency.I love the positive friendly professional support TQ offers from owner Bonnie Lee to TQ agents on our FB page. The freedom to present my own brand and have access to TQ, as well as the backing of Travel Leaders make for a solid base. Commission plans are flexible and very fair. The tools available from both TQ and Travel Leaders are comprehensive and easy to use. I have loved working with TQ from day one and find new appreciation for them every day! I look forward to many years as a part of the TQ family!

Host Agency Response
November 13, 2017

Hi Ellen,
We look forward to many more years of working with you. I am so happy that you can represent your name and brand. We strive to help agents grow!

November 2, 2017

I've have been with Travel Quest for almost 2 years, and I'm so grateful that our paths crossed as I began on my journey of selling Travel! Bonnie and her team at Travel Quest always go above and beyond to help us agents. It truly is a family, and they know you by name! I'm looking forward to many, many years and a long future with Travel Quest!

Host Agency Response
November 3, 2017

Hi Emily! The best part of going to work every day is that I do get to work with "family". I look forward to many, many years as well!

Have a wonderful Friday!


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