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July 19, 2021
I really enjoy working with Travel Quest Network. Bonnie, Walt and their amazing staff are wonderful to work with and the training and resources they have are so helpful to make my business successful. This host agency goes and above and beyond to share great training, suppliers and so much more. The yearly conference is always so much fun, motivating and resourceful I try to attend every year.
December 10, 2022

I cannot recommend them enough. I have learned so much through them, their weekly chat, monthly all call, their private FB page, and University. It's also a they are connected with Travel Leaders, you have much better training and resources. I personally came from another Host, that specialized in one thing and not the thing I wanted to specialize in. Here I have found my home. OH and the CEO answers FB questions, how cool is that!!

Host Agency Response
December 12, 2022

Thank you so much, Tonya!

June 21, 2022

I joined Travel Quest Network in 2018. I had not a clue what I was really doing even with all of my research. At the time there wasn’t a lot of education but it was like a family and everyone was willing to help when I had questions. I’ve heard things can get tense in other host agency Facebook groups when newbies ask for help. I did not deal with that at Travel Quest. I took a bit of a break during the pandemic for personal reasons that had nothing to do with Travel Quest. Now there is a lot more education and it’s a bigger group of ICs but I don’t feel lost in it. They are continuouslyg improving and there have been some changes that I was nervous about only to find that these changes were for our betterment. I’m so glad I signed on with Travel Quest and I look forward to continuing this partnership.

Host Agency Response
August 17, 2022

So Happy you are BACK!
It has been a couple of challenging years, but I can certainly say that TRAVEL IS BACK. Goodness all that bottled desire for travel has finally popped and now more than ever travel professionals are not only needed, but we are valued.
Have a wonderful day,

June 16, 2022

Wow, wow wow. I can't say enough good things about TQN. I changed recently after a rough first year at a small host agency that was quite honestly a mess. I love not having to fight tooth and nail for my commissions. They pop up on time under "Commission Manager" and it's so easy to follow along. The times I've had to reach out to the team they've been SO nice and helped right away! Great followup. There's also a Facebook page where the other advisors answer within MINUTES. Thank you for transforming my business and finally making it profitable. Can't wait to attend an in-person event.

Host Agency Response
August 17, 2022

Hi Natalia,
I am one of those people who loves technology, but on the flip side of the coin realize that new technology requires teaching moments, learning, and patience by all. We pride ourselves on being easy to reach, helpful, and hopefully leaving every conversation with a tidbit of knowledge more than you came looking for.
Have a wonderful day,

March 28, 2022

I'm a researcher and very detail oriented. When I began the search for a host agency to start a travel career, I started at Host Agency Reviews and contacted countless host agencies. I asked questions on top of questions so much so that I probably annoyed everybody. I kept notes from all the answers and then weighed all the information against each other. Travel Quest Network was head and shoulders above the rest. That's just the initial, outside looking in assessment though. Once I joined, I was welcomed into the family. The training resources are abundant as are the suppliers that Travel Quest Network has relationships with. The commission rates are top tier for all of them. Other agents have been so helpful with sharing information, making suggestions, and offering encouragement. As others have said, it really is like a family. After attending the annual conference, Travel Quest World 2021, in Las Vegas, I was blown away at the encouragement, motivation, and information that I received. Everyone from the Travel Quest Network top management down to other fellow agents, were so friendly, helpful, and encouraging. It was truly an uplifting time. After a year of being with Travel Quest Network, I can say that I'm 100% satisfied with my decision. They are continually making improvements and adding more resources to help all of us. They truly are partners in my travel career. If you're serious and looking to start a travel career, you have to check out Travel Quest Network! Thank you to everyone at Travel Quest Network and to all my fellow agents. I won't list names as I know I'll forget someone. You won't find a better group of people or a better host agency.

Host Agency Response
August 17, 2022

Thank you so much for all your kind words.
It is so rewarding for all of us at Travel Quest Network to know that our efforts truly make a difference.
Take care and have a wonderful day,

January 24, 2022

I joined in September 2021 and have had sooooo much fun learning my new career. When you join Travel Quest you really are connected to industry experts that can help you in every aspect of starting your business. Their connections with travel suppliers and with Travel Leaders makes Travel Leaders an obvious choice for a host agency for a new travel advisor.

Host Agency Response
January 25, 2022

Thank you, Ellen!

December 29, 2021

Travel Quest has been fabulous so far - responsive, helpful, and a great group of supportive people. Appreciate access to a large network of suppliers and options. There are trainings everywhere, and the support team responds promptly, and the other agents are a great group of people. I'm so glad I chose TQ as my host agency.

Host Agency Response
January 3, 2022

Hello Katie, Thank you so much for the wonderful review. We are happy you decided you join Travel Quest Network and look forward to watching your business grow!

October 5, 2021
Verified Review

I cannot stress enough how amazing TQN is. I came from a very unprofessional and toxic agency so you can imagine my surprise when I was surrounded with professional and kind people. The training actually teaches you how to have a successful business, not just vendor trainings like my previous agency. I am always able to get any question answered, whether through email, phone, or the Facebook group. The professionalism, positivity, kindness, and their passion to see everyone succeed is contagious and makes me want to work even harder. Joining TQN quite literally changed not just mine, but my family's lives as well. Business is good and I couldn't have done it without them.

Host Agency Response
October 5, 2021

Hi Ashli, Thank you so much for the fantastic review! I remember chatting with you about joining Travel Quest Network and am so glad to hear you are loving it. The education team worked very hard on Travel Quest University to help our agents become successful business owners and industry knowledge. I can't wait to watch your business keep growing.

August 7, 2021

I did a lot of research before deciding which host agency I wanted to join as a brand new travel advisor, and I initially decided to go with Travel Quest Network because I was impressed with the education they offer, the breadth of supplier connections they have, and the personal touch I could see -even when reading reviews posted here on HAR. Having been with TQN for a little over 7 months now, I am 100% certain that I made the best choice in host agencies that I could have made. What you put into your education, business development and relationships with other TQN affiliated agents and Travel Quest staff/leadership you will absolutely get back and then some. The folks at Travel Quest want you to be successful and the support they give is both personal and professional. In the time I’ve been with Travel Quest I’ve seen constant innovation and opportunities being created by the network to empower agents and support the growth of their businesses. I have met so many amazing people through this network, I’ve laughed through online meetings, and frankly, I’ve cried too -listening to Bonnie Lee, TQN’s president, give some beautiful, inspiring speeches at Travel Quest World about getting out of your comfort zone and believing in yourself. Over and over again you’ll see agents refer to Travel Quest Network as feeling like family and it really does, in the best possible way. I feel grateful every day to be a part of it! Thank you Bonnie, Joshua, Anna, Walt, Jason and all the rest of the Travel Quest team!

Host Agency Response
August 9, 2021

Hannah, thank you so much for the wonderful review. It was great to meet you in person at Travel Quest World. We work very hard to provide exceptional service to our agents as well as treating each agent as if they were family. Our goal is to help launch and support each of our independent entrepreneurs. I will let everyone at Travel Quest Network know about your wonderful review as we are truly a team.

August 2, 2021

I joined Travel Quest in August 2019, and my experiences with the staff and leadership have been uniformly positive. When I have questions or need help, the office folks have been consistently helpful. They've improved the training for beginners since I started, and I think it's much improved. I feel like TQ is kind of the 'Goldilocks' host for me: big enough (and connected to the much bigger Travel Leaders) to give agents the benefit of better access to and in some cases higher commission levels with suppliers. Small enough that I can email the principals in the agency and get a reply, or interact with them on social media. Their Facebook community has been _incredibly_ helpful to me as a newer agent. Coming out of a previous work environment that was frankly toxic, it's been nice to work, even though it's virtually, with people who are all 'pulling together' rather than in separate directions. Although my entry into the travel business could've been better timed (thanks, Covid shutdowns), I wouldn't trade my host agency.

Host Agency Response
August 5, 2021

Beau, it was so nice to meet you on the Greece FAM! I love the "Goldilocks" analogy. We are so proud of our staff at Travel Quest Network; they truly exemplify professionalism and working as a team for the benefit of our agents. Stay tuned because we have many new agent tools and programs launching in 2021-2022 to help grow and support your individual businesses.

July 21, 2021

I had a very stressful position in the insurance industry and never had time to travel. One of the best decisions I ever made was to go into the travel business and the best decision (after researching many options) was to go with Travel Quest. The company is responsive, helpful, lots of training and assistance. As a retiree this is part time for me and I have often said "when it becomes a job I will stop". But Walt and Bonnie Lee, the founders of Travel Quest, make it difficult to even consider stopping. Their personal connection with all of the agents is amazing.

Host Agency Response
July 22, 2021

Kris, I love "When it becomes a job I will stop." Being able to make the transition from a full-time stressful job to a part-time business you enjoy, is the perfect example of making your business YOUR business. A business that is what YOU want it to be, no cookie-cutter forms or must do's, You are in control of your dreams, goals, and how you spend your days. I can't think of a better way to retire than to retire INTO travel.

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