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December 24, 2020
I have been with outside agents for 6 years after leaving a large travel agency in Philadelphia. They are all knowledgeable agents who offer help whenever needed. I am lucky that I am in Myrtle Beach so that I can stop in and meet the girls in person to pick up mail or brochures. I will be sticking with them!!
January 11, 2017
Old Review

I started selling travel 11 years ago, it was something that I had never planned on pursuing. After 3 years of flying solo , I began researching thoroughly and once I found OutsideAgentLink/Thomas Hogan Travel, I was ecstatic. The staff is very helpful, there is ample opportunities for training and it's nice to call your Host Agency and "everybody knows your name"! The support they offer and the relationships they have built with our vendors are amazing! I am starting my 7th year with them and have no plans to look elsewhere.

January 3, 2017
Old Review

I have been in the travel industry for 19 years and am starting my 12th year with Outside Agent Link. When I began the search to start my own agency twelve years ago they were and continue to be the right fit for me. While they are a small host, I personally don't need the biggest option out there to provide support. The team in the office works very hard to make sure the agents are taken care of and I love the fact that I can call and talk to a real person should the need arise. The agency has built excellent relationships with the top vendors in the industry and offers high commission as well. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Outside Agent Link for years to come!

July 19, 2012
Old Review

I have found them to be very helpful whenever I needed help, and plan to stay with them into the future. If you are looking for a agency check them out.

July 17, 2012
Old Review

This agency did not say anthing about the laws in six states that require travel agents to be license, not matter your in state or not, also the new waiting period of six days was not mentioned. Plus i'm trying to get a refund back.

Host Agency Response
July 18, 2012

Thomas Hogan Travel/ has been in business for over 25 years. We are familiar with current Sellers of Travel laws. Mr. Pleasant’s state does not require registration. We are registered and in full compliance in all applicable states. Mr. Pleasant has been refunded his enrollment and no longer represents our agency.

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