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September 20, 2019
I joined Nexion Canada back in May of 2018 and could not be happier. From my first conversation with Mike, the President, to meeting local agents, to help from member services, and meeting our USA "family" at our annual conference, everyone has been incredibly helpful and supportive. Being new to the industry, I chose to take the Independent Learner's route, and it was the perfect choice for me due to the flexibility. I have also attended several of Nexion's live training programs and conferences, and have learned so much, both from the programs themselves and from the networking with other agents. We also benefit from being a part of Travel Leader's Network, and have access to more fantastic programs through them.
August 27, 2013
Old Review

There’s no way to go but up! After joining Nexion Canada in February 2013, I am able to spend more time focusing on what I need to the most – my client base – and no time on background office work that used to take up 30% of my precious selling time.

Bigger is better, Nexion is able to secure great rates for its network of agents based on volume. Its perfect, we work as individuals and take advantage of buying as a corporate group ensuring we have competive rates…a much needed “koo” in this market of internet shopping.

Nexion Town – a forum where agents can post either questions or comments – helps agents feel they are part of the group and builds camaraderie to an individual agent working alone. This is an irreplaceable point of contact for agents and worth spending a few minutes a day perusing.

And finally, the benefit of a national conference where industry leaders mingle with us! We can have our questions / concerns raised; learn how to use internet to our advantage; meet with hotel groups; an endless learning experience. This is definately the best move I’ve done for my business.

August 12, 2013
Old Review

After many years of corporate travel consultancy in the medical & health industry I've decided to start my own health & wellness home based travel consultancy in 2009. This went well and no regrets in terms of becoming "independent" but I felt a bit like on a "lonely planet".

What I missed though was the experienced guidance and advice, a good backup and out of the box thinking partner and some extra support here and there.

How could I learn to grow and take my company to the next level? Where to find more skills and tools to better facilitate and serve my niche market. How to get support to grow in the most innovative and efficient way without loosing side of my company's identity and my business model?

Well Nexion Canada has answered all the questions for me and I am proud to say that I "affiliate" with this perfect host Nexion Canada. Every day I truly enjoy the communication, education and full support I'm getting and I enjoy the fact that they are willing to go the extra mile when something "new" needs to be "tested" and share our vision that "the best" is not good enough, we are taking the extra step in order to provide real tailored and customized service all with the clients best interest, ultimate experience and travel protection in mind.

Last but not least; The Stars and Stripes married The Maple Leaves and created a "Global" travel family, what else is there to wish for? Nexion- whether USA or Canada, I strongly suggest you to join this "Travel Family".

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