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September 20, 2019
I joined Nexion Canada back in May of 2018 and could not be happier. From my first conversation with Mike, the President, to meeting local agents, to help from member services, and meeting our USA "family" at our annual conference, everyone has been incredibly helpful and supportive. Being new to the industry, I chose to take the Independent Learner's route, and it was the perfect choice for me due to the flexibility. I have also attended several of Nexion's live training programs and conferences, and have learned so much, both from the programs themselves and from the networking with other agents. We also benefit from being a part of Travel Leader's Network, and have access to more fantastic programs through them.
February 17, 2024
Updated Review

As an experienced travel advisor with over 35 years in the travel industry, I wholeheartedly recommend Nexion Travel Group-Canada, an exceptional host travel agency that sets the standard for excellence in the industry. Their unparalleled support and resources empower advisors like myself to deliver personalized and unforgettable travel experiences to our clients. From comprehensive training programs to cutting-edge technology platforms, Nexion Travel Group-Canada equips us with the tools needed to thrive in a competitive market. Their unwavering commitment to fostering (no pun intended Mike Foster) strong partnerships and providing unmatched commission structures ensures that advisors can focus on what they do best: be it group travel, dream vacations, family getaways, or curating niche tours. With Nexion Travel Group Canada, I have found a trusted partner that not only values my expertise but also prioritizes client satisfaction above all else, making them a top choice for any travel advisor seeking to elevate their business.

January 13, 2022
Previous Review

I joined Nexion Canada in 2015 after 30 years in the travel & tourism industry. From my very first meeting with Mike Foster(President), I sensed his professionalism and had a good feeling of trust – even though it took me 2 years to make the leap. It’s all about timing and Mike never pushed me or did a hard sales pitch. One of the best decisions of my career! From that date on I’ve been respected and encouraged to spread my creative wings. Mike has built a dedicated team at Nexion Canada who are readily available to help in times of confusion and in need of support. As well, Mike gives us great autonomy to operate our businesses as we see fit. I believe the support and encouragement Mike offers its members, leading by example through the pandemic, is a testament of his passion for the industry that he and his team know so well. It takes a dedicated leader to maneuver through one of the most difficult times in travel history. Nexion Canada has been there every step of the way!

December 6, 2022

I’m new to the industry and Nexion really has an amazing on-boarding program for those who are interested in the travel industry. The President - Mike has been exceptional in his commitment to the organization and members. We originally scheduled for a 1 hour zoom call but ran way over time. However, Mike took the time and answered all my questions and convinced me that Nexion is a great fit for me. The support teams at Nexion are easy to reach, efficient and very friendly. And there is also an internal community group to social / learn from fellow advisors, especially helpful to new agents like me. Would definitely recommend Nexion to anyone who’s interested.

October 14, 2022

If having input and access to decision makers is important to you, then Nexion Travel Group - Canada is the Host Agency for you. When I was considering moving into the travel business, after my career as a business executive, I did a substantial about of research both online and through interviews. During my research I spoke to several Host Agency representatives and when I received a call from Mike Foster, President of Nexion Travel Group - Canada I realized that it was a different Host Agency.

Mike answered all my questions and gave me the opportunity to consider what Nexion had to offer and decide whether we were a good fit for each other. My decision was Yes!

When Covid hit everything as we knew it changed. In true Nexion Canada style Mike set up two biweekly zoom meetings that he (President of the host Agency) led. These meetings allowed Advisors to stay connected to each other and provided access to Mike every week, during a time when we didn’t know what was ahead of us. It has been over two years and we are still having these meetings and learning from and staying connected to our peers.

Being part of a Host Agency that was there with me in the tough times says a lot about Nexion Travel Group - Canada's philosophy and proves that I made the right choice when I selected them to be my Host Agency.

February 19, 2022
Old Review

When I was looking for a host company in March 2018, I set out to speak to the top 3 that I was interested in, to get a feel for the company but also the people behind it. After interviewing 2 of them, I was quite disappointed in the lack of personable and quick to communicate aspect they were showing until I spoke with Mike of Nexion Travel Group - Canada. He was quick to respond, called me during non-business hours. We had a great in-depth conversation. Our phone call lasted over an hour and throughout the call I discovered that Mike and his host company was the one for me. He asked me questions on what brought me to travel, what I was interested in, discussion on how they can assist in helping me grow my business. But he also allowed a frank conversation and answered all of my questions so I could get to know him and his company. I joined just a couple days later and was the best choice I made for my business. Fast forward 4 years, I know have 4 sub-agents, my agency is crazy busy and Mike and his team have been there for me each step of the way. I truly would not be where I am without their support, their knowledge and tools they provide. During the pandemic, this is when I found Nexion Travel Group - Canada show their true colors. They were advocates for their agents but also our clients with the suppliers, they understood the struggle we faced, they fought hard for us to streamline processes with suppliers, assisted with issues in regards to commissions and claims. I know I could not have gotten through 2020/2021 without them. They truly care about my business and about me! For me, they showed me time and time again why I am with this great host – Nexion Travel Group – Canada!

January 11, 2022
Old Review

I moved my storefront business to Nexion in 2015, Mike Foster is very supportive and understood completely the logistics of a experienced agent to move to a host platform, his reassurance and guidance facilitated the decision. From member services to the amazing accounting team i have never looked back. We are all facing unprecedented times with this pandemic, however belonging to a great group of agents and having Travel Leaders in our corner we will for sure get back to MUCH better times. Very satisfied with Mike and his whole team and look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial business realationship.

January 11, 2022
Old Review

I joined Nexion Canada in September of 2019. I was looking for a change and really wanted to combine my love of travel with my work life. My husband and I spent hours looking at different host agency options trying to decided what would be the best fit for me. We came across Nexion Canada and loved what we saw. I immediately emailed Mike Foster, President of Nexion Travel Group Canada.
He called me not long after and answered all my questions. Being a mom of four, I was concerned about scheduling.. work vs. family time. Mike and I talked it all through and I was able to come up with a business plan and set work schedule for myself to be success with my business but also be present with my family.
I am truly grateful I found Nexion and have been able to run my own business from home.

January 10, 2022
Old Review

I have been a Nexion Travel Group Agent since 2016 and have had nothing but positive experiences with the group. From the President, Mike Foster, and through Member Services and the Accounting team, everyone has been professional and supportive. In addition, the Nexion Travel Group offers great relationships with our global travel partners that help us to offer exceptional itineraries and value to our clients. I would recommend the Nexion Travel Group to any Travel Advisor just starting out or to someone that was looking for a more supportive and positive host agency to work with.

January 7, 2022
Old Review

After completing my Travel & Tourism Certificate I started looking for host agencies to work for. I attended a consumer travel show and there I met with Mike Foster. He was very personable and answered many questions I had about his agency. After several emails back and forth and telephone conversations Mike answered everything personally and gave me the confidence to join his agency. Nexion provided me with excellent training and member support. The whole Nexion family has made me feel comfortable and supported. I would not hesitate to recommend Nexion as a host agency.

January 7, 2022
Old Review

I moved from another Host to Nexion Canada in 2015 and cannot be any happier with my decision.
I needed to grow my business, have reliable support and access to credible suppliers.
In my search, Nexion Canada stood out as the Host that represented what I was looking for.
One of the things that has impressed me the most and has remained the same is the attention & commitment I received from Mike Foster, President of Nexion Canada. Being able to have a conversation and have all my questions answered by Mike definitely made my decision an easy one.
There is never a lack of updated resources available to help in your business whether you are a beginner or changing Hosts.
Making a decision to be part of an amazing Host Agency-Nexion Canada, is one I'm sure you will not be sorry about.

January 7, 2022
Old Review

I have been with Nexion Canada since 2018. It is often true that in times of crisis, a person or an organization shows their true colours; and this has certainly been the case for Nexion Canada, and especially it's president Mike Foster. The coronovirus pandemic has forced unprecedent challenges onto the travel industry, and it is not an overstatement to say that travel advisors and their host agencies have had to endure a crisis. The support that Nexion Canada has given us, and the leadership that Mike Foster has demonstrated have been world class! Mike and his team have done everything humanly possible to support us and inform us and advocate for us throughout this unimaginable event.

Even before COVID-19, Nexion Canada provided an amazing environment for it's travel advisors to flourish. They are part of Travel Leaders Network, a world leading consortium. This provides an enormous amount of resources to it's host agencies and on to the individual travel advisors. There is no better opportunity for education and growth within the industry. Mike Foster is the reason that I joined Nexion Canada. Everything that they offer are the reasons why I know that I made a great decision to become part of this fantastic organization!

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