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January 22, 2022
I research host agencies for a looong time. My criteria included consortia, leads, costs, sales quotas, training, access to host owners/managers, Sabre access, and commission split. I decided my preferred consortia were Signature and Ensemble. Lead became a "no" once I understood tat those leads may pay less commission and the customers would not be my customer. I am re-entering the travel industry after a couple of decades of doing little travel work. So - I am not a newbie, but will need some hand-holding and encouragement. When I joined ICT, I was still working a fun-time job and knew I would have little to no sales for months. I chose ICT because the cost to get started was low. The financial outlay was very small - and no monthly fees. ICT does not have a monthly, quarterly, or yearly sales quota. That was one of my main questions to Robert before I joined. The commission split is lower than I would prefer, but until I am booking $1M+ in sales, I am fine with the split. If I want to increase my commission, I need to look at preferred suppliers for ICT and Ensemble that provide a higher commission percentage. Sabre is also an option at ICT. ICT is a FAMILY RUN business. Any question I have is answered by Robert, the head of the agency. If I have concerns, he is a phone call away to discuss my question. ICT has a Facebook group where agents post questions or concerns. Half the time, Robert also answers these questions. The other agents at ICT are soooooo helpful. They answer questions, give suggestions, will assist other agents when needed. They have all become family. ICT is the perfect host for someone who wants to run his or her agency as they see fit. ICT will not hold your hand. But ICT will help and provide guidance. So for a brand new agent, ICT may not be a fit unless that new agent is making sure he or she is learning from other people/teachers in the industry. Being on your own per se can be disconcerting. But if you reach out, ICT is there to assist. As a business owner, I appreciate having the ability to run my business without having parameters the host agency requires. I can create my own website. Commissions are paid on time. Plus, I am now part of a new family on whom I can and do depend. ICT is an ideal host for me. New Agents - if you are willing to be courageous and put yourself out there, we are here to help you. And we believe in you. You will feel that camaraderie here.
February 3, 2018
Old Review

I have now been with Incentive Connection Travel for 8 years. I have never looked back from joining them.I have been a outside agent in 3 store fronts since 1985, I am a knowledgeable home based owner and enjoying the supportive friends , BDMs, and suppliers support. I enjoy the networking experience between agents, suppliers and our BDMs thru Incentive Connection travel , I have been happy and very successful since joining ICT . They are the top 10 producing agency with Ensemble , they also belong to Funjet 500 club , Delta, and many more. We have high commission percentage because of the volume of booking agents. Commission are paid the month after completed trip promptly if you enter your bookings to be recorded. We have a chat group between the agents to help with suggestion of suppliers to use, we all enjoy the support of our fellow agents. The owners answer your calls, are very supportive, as the whole ICT staff is. Robert and Harvey Siamon have always been available watching emails for any response needed during weekends, holidays. Every two years they sponsor a conventions for us to meet with our suppliers, have informative meetings, get face to face time and see your BDM. We have special promotions offered to ICT thru the suppliers. You need to have some experience with travel, with booking,record keeping, with working with clients finding your clients.This is your business and how you work it to be successful. ICT is a great host agency. Incentive Connection Travel is my host agency , I did my searching and research to find a host agency, I highly recommend ICT, come join us.

February 1, 2018
Old Review


February 1, 2018
Old Review

If you are a new agent, relatively new or have some experience in the industry (within 5 years) I would suggest looking elsewhere in your search for a host agency. For one, the in house training is nonexistent as they refer you to other supplier's training courses. That I could do on my own.
Also the agent portal site you use to login and retrieve information is archaic and difficult to use. It looks like it hasn't been updated systematically since the beginning of the internet. If you remember what yahoo looked like in its infancy that may give you an idea.

I was with another host agency making bookings and still making bookings but they are located out of state and wanted to give a local agency a try. Big mistake. I sold travel but was unable to find this agency of any use but not for lack of effort on my part.

I would meet with Robert for ideas and really did not find any substantive assistance. For example, one of the frustrations with being a travel agent is having to do proposals for those who end up not using your services. I asked him for suggestions and he told me that it simply is part of being a travel agent. It got me nowhere.

Also, since I had sold travel but not registered any bookings with ICT I get this warning email from Robert threatening to remove me from ICT. Rather than an email from his seeking to resolve an issue ("I see you have no bookings can we meet to discuss how you can fix this") I get this email with a threat with no offer of support.

If you ever visit the actual office and place where they store brochures, its a dump and as unorganized and messy as you can imagine. Sort of like if you walk into a restaurant and the bathroom is filthy it makes you imagine what type of food is being served.

The "family oriented" comments I'm sure are genuine but you must be accepted and fit, which is a risk I wish I did not take. I've done relatively well with two other host agencies and happily leave this one behind.

Host Agency Response
February 1, 2018

I am sorry you were not happy with our services. When you and I had discussed the possibility of canceling your account with us, you had explained to me that you are using our services for a blog. I have this in your email response. I had explained that this is not really the intention of your affiliation with us and that our relationship would need to be a win win for both of us. You replied in your email that you understand and that you would start booking. This leads me to believe that you had no bookings currently, nor did you ask about receiving your commissions on prior bookings. This leads me to believe you had no prior bookings. On your anniversary, seeing no business from you, we did cancel your services with Incentive Connection Travel. Good luck in your future endeavors.

August 10, 2016
Old Review

I am a brand new agent and just launched my in home agency 3 months ago. I did quite a bit of research on host agencies and had narrowed it down to a few.

I chose ICT because the cost to get started was low and they have a wonderful program where you can learn Sabre for free and there is an easy way to get the software for free as well, at any time. I currently don't use Sabre, but I looked to the future of my business and thought this was the way to go, as most other hosts charge hundreds of dollars for Sabre access.

The other reviews are correct. ICT is a FAMILY RUN business. The part I didn't expect was that the President of the agency would personally be responding to every single question and concern I have as a new agent. I figured it'd be designated to some office staff, but no. Even when he is supposed to be on VACATION, Robert answers e-mails and FB messages. He is kind, patient, encouraging and so very knowledgeable.

This is not a hold-your-hand agency. They make it clear in their intro paperwork that YOU are an Independent Contractor and it is YOUR business to run, not theirs. As such, it is up to you to FIND training and to figure out your specialty and create your own marketing plan. In short, you are a business owner and you need to act like a grown up and do the work it takes to make your business succeed.

Some might not appreciate this. I, myself, was very tentative and nervous in the beginning, but I have come to understand that this philosophy is the best for my business. It felt a bit like being thrown out to the wolves at first...but ICT was never more than a phone call or FB message away if I had questions. They were never annoyed or put off by my questions, but they were realistic and honest with their answers. They have given me the courage and the confidence I need to succeed in this business.

There is also a wonderful Facebook group with so many helpful, more experienced agents that will answer questions within minutes. Such a great resource.

So, in summary, if you want to run a solid business for yourself, alongside a family-like team and earn some of the best commissions in the industry (always paid on time), ICT is the host for you.

New Agents - if you are willing to be courageous and put yourself out there, we are here to help you. And we believe in you. You will feel that camaraderie here.

February 6, 2016
Old Review

I am a newbie in the industry as a travel agent, but I do have a lot of personal travel experience and still do work as an Executive Assistant who does a lot of travel for executives. I've only been with them for the past month, but I am excited and learning fast. This agency isn't for everyone. You have to go get it if you want it and use a lot of initiative. They are not ideal for people with little or no experience who needs someone to hold their hands constantly, but they do support your business with tips and tons of learning opportunities through Ensemble and various suppliers. You have to take the initiative and take all the opportunities presented to you and learn as much as you can. I like the fact that you can move at your own pace and do not have the pressure of sales goals and deadlines. I find them very responsive to my emails and supportive in their own way. They have a great FB chat, which is very helpful. I intend to stick around and learn as much as I can from the seasoned members of ICT. They are very responsive too. So far so good!

February 6, 2016
Old Review

After retirement I was looking for something to fill my days. I joined my son who has his agency with ICT. I found all the support for a job I am new at, I never had to wait for answers to my questions. The ICT agent website is also packed with info and reports that help with running our home agency. Providing online webinars, which we can attend from home is another great bonus. Thank You ICT for helping to make my new career an enjoyable one.

February 5, 2016
Old Review

Best host agency ever! I am so happy joined Incentive Connection Travel.Amazing support and great great commission.This is my host agency for lifetime.

February 5, 2016
Old Review

I recently joined this host agency and wish I would have found them sooner! They are just wonderful to work with and provide excellent support. Every host agency is not for everyone but I found that this agency has been a great fit for my business and I'm very happy to have found them! Both Corporate and Leisure travel professionals can benefit from joining ICT so I highly recommend them to anyone who is a professional in the industry. They are a family run business but they are extremely competitive with the big guys, in my opinion, so do your homework! Independent travel agents should really see past the simplicity of their website and look at what they offer behind the scenes.

February 5, 2016
Old Review

This is not the host for a new agent, as the reviews above clearly illustrate.

3 days after joining ICT, I received an email with RED letters in it, headed "YOU DID NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION."

"we are reluctant to give Sabre access to new agents. We usually ask for 6 months experience with ICT before we open the portal."

I regret not verifying the "78 reasons to join ICT" on the website, what I saw is not what I got.

As well, many of the links and information on preferred suppliers are broken or outdated, making independence impossible within all the restrictions...AFTER YOUR PAYMENT HAS CLEARED.

If you are an "old boy" looking for a network, this is it.

Good Luck.

Host Agency Response
February 5, 2016

We are sorry we did not meet your expectations, but as with a pair of shoes, one size is not a perfect fit for every pair of feet. Likewise not every host agency is a perfect fit for every agent.

Best wishes for success in your travel endeavors.

January 15, 2016
Old Review

I have been in the business for 34 years, right out of Travel School, and did the 9-5 thing, working for a few different Travel Agency's where I could be face to face with the excited honeymooners and the like .... well, as some of you could probably guess, when the opportunity arose for me to work from home as an alternative.... I jumped !! I opened up the back of a Travel magazine and saw Incentive Connection Travel's ad for agents looking for a Host Agency. I called and spoke with Robert for a very long while ... I was onboard before the end of the day.

May 18, 2012 was my first paycheck and the rest is history !! It did not take long at all to climb the very fair commission-split ladder ! They start you off at a much better percentage than that of any other Host Agency out there and in no time you can count on the final 80/20 split ! It's incentive enough for me to keep plugging away and building my business !!

The entire Siamon Family is amazing ! Always happy and willing to assist with just about anything ! I read on these reviews where someone posted he wonders if Robert ever gets any sleep .... I have to agree !! I'm on the East Coast and he is up and at em bright and early every morning checking his e-mails !! Working with Incentive Connection Travel has been nothing but a pleasure !! Pretty much you handle your own business and have access to a lot of tools and contacts to keep your business going smoothy and productively !!

I will work for them until my fingers cannot type any more ... or until my eyes stop working ! I'm in it to win it !! In for the long haul !! You would NOT be disappointed with making Incentive Connection Travel YOUR choice for a Host Agency .....
Best of luck to you !!!!
Doreen Cappellini Bonczek

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