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December 20, 2012
The training and hosting programs at Brownell Travel are so unique and a testament to Brownell's commitment to a successful future for the travel industry as a whole. I am so proud to be a part of this "family" and I can say, without a doubt, that my business owes its success to the daily support and assistance from the Brownell hosting team. In addition to hosting support, Brownell also provides an outlet for peer collaboration. While I may not know 100% about every destination in the world, my clients know that I have access to over 100 other amazing luxury travel advisors. I use this network on a daily basis to get the best expert tips and fresh insight on my clients' next destinations.
July 30, 2020

As a recent graduate of Brownell's Mentorship Program, reflecting on the past year, it is more clear than ever that deciding to join Brownell was the absolute best decision I could have made for my career and company.

The immediate respect and attention I receive from suppliers when I say I am affiliated with Brownell is truly remarkable. Brownell's stellar reputation within the industry, and many preferred partnerships, allows me to engage with suppliers confidently knowing I will be placing my clients in the best hands possible.

The care and thought that goes into bringing on new advisors into the Brownell family really does mean an incredible network of advisors who are known for their gratitude, passion and expertise. The support I receive from the hosting team, Brownell leadership and fellow advisors is unlike any previous work environment I have been a part of. Everyone is truly a united front and there to help each other out every step of the way. I absolutely would not have been able to navigate the coronavirus nightmare without the Brownell network's constant support.

As a former management consultant with an MBA, I felt confident in starting my own business, however the Mentorship Program was crucial for bringing me up to speed on industry knowledge and providing me with the connections needed to start. Even better, our small class became an incredible support group of like minded solopreneurs building new ventures together that I can heavily rely on. I could have never built my business up as fast as I did without having joined the program, and highly recommend the program to anyone who is seriously looking to start a new successful business in the travel world.

July 29, 2020

Having spent 25 years in the hotel business, it was quite daunting for me to even consider changing careers. However, I had a dream for many years of owning my own luxury travel planning firm. Finding Brownell and being accepted into their mentoring program literally changed the course of my life in so many wonderful ways! The mentoring program was exactly what I needed to transition into business ownership while learning the luxury travel business. This one year program jump started my business and set me on a path to success.

Brownell operates like a family and the Hosting Team truly cares about us as people. The support that we receive as Independent Contractors is hands down the best in the industry. I cannot recall one time in 9 years that I had to wait longer than a few minutes to get support when I needed it. The Hosting Team provides so many tools that I use every day in my business such as administrative support, marketing services and even commission collection assistance. Brownell's reputation in the luxury market is outstanding, making it so much easier for me to be successful. The deep supplier relationships help me in my sales process time and time again. Their Marketing Team is so creative, offering a wonderful menu of services to the Independent Contractor at affordable prices.

My dream of owning my own luxury travel firm became a wonderful reality thanks to the amazing support of the Brownell Travel Mentoring Program and the Hosting Team. Thank you Brownell for all you do each and every day for us!

May 1, 2020

Brownell Travel is simply one of the finest hosting agencies in the travel industry and I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of this stellar team. Brownell has been in business since 1887 and it’s easy to see why - they are exceptional in all ways. Their commitment to kindness and graciousness have made Brownell one of the most well-respected agencies in the industry. The comment I hear most when working with hoteliers is “We love working with Brownell.”

Their comprehensive year-long Mentoring Program provided me with the tools, training, knowledge, and support to confidently enter the travel industry with no prior work experience in this field. They are committed to the long-term success of their advisors by providing countless learning opportunities (supplier webinars, professional development conferences, educational trips, and more), exceptional ongoing marketing efforts and resources, and a collaborative advisor community. Finally, their super responsive Hosting team provides the back-office support and operations assistance that are truly invaluable to the success of my business.

May 1, 2020

My background is in business and my passion is travel. Owning my own company in the travel industry was a perfect fit. I get to be entrepreneurial, focus on marketing and serving clients all in an area I love.

I believe everyone has a different set of circumstances and finding a host that fits well with who you are is an important decision.

Brownell is the perfect fit for me. I am a relentless researcher and value education a great deal. As I evaluated host agencies, I came up with a list of criteria that were important to me. They included – boutique size, progressive implementation of technology, priority on internal IC communication, a collaborative working relationship with colleagues, Virtuoso affiliation and at the top of the list was a strong mentor program. I have an MBA from a strong business school and know the value of getting a robust educational foundation when starting out in a new endeavor.

Given all my criteria, Brownell was the natural choice.

I have been impressed with the curriculum in the mentor program and the tight-knit relationships within Brownell and with our partners. The gracious and collegial atmosphere that pervades Brownell and their relationships in the industry are unparalleled. We have access to and learn from the absolute best in their field. The mentor program is top notch – thoughtful, comprehensive, dynamic. I am so happy I joined their team and encourage any of you who have similar criteria to learn more to see if they are the right fit for you.

April 27, 2020

I joined Brownell Travel in August of last year, as a mentee in their highly respected and acclaimed Hosting Program and feel extremely lucky to be part of the Brownell family, as one of their Independent Associates.

Their year-long mentee program begins with five days of intensive training at Brownell headquarters in Birmingham, AL, where we meet with the entire team, and dive into an all-encompassing curriculum. This comprehensive program is followed by a full year of structured homework calls, webinars, podcasts, Virtuoso and Sabre trainings, and a variety of additional educational resources in all areas of our industry. In addition, we are provided with valuable guidance and expertise on our branding, marketing, sales, communications, connections and supplier relationships.

Brownell has extensive and deep relationships with thousands of suppliers around the world and are a very well-connected and well-respected organization in our industry. Every supplier I have communicated with, shares how much they value their relationship with Brownell and how much they truly enjoy working with and developing connections with Brownell Advisors.

There is such a positive energy and vibe in everything Brownell does. Our hosting mentors are experts in their field, they guide us every step of the way, and are incredibly supportive from the moment we join the hosting program. The mentee program is structured in a way where we all succeed, as we are learning from the best in our industry. There is no competitiveness within the company, everyone is extremely helpful and lends a hand, everyone shares their ideas, their stories, their connections, and the relationships within the organization are genuine and kind.

Brownell is cutting edge, they do not miss a beat, they are constantly updating and introducing the latest and greatest systems to make all of our work more efficient, productive and fun. Brownell Travel, is the epitome of true professionalism, combined with Southern graciousness, kindness and warmth.

I worked in the Incentive Travel Business for 14 years in New York City, became a stay at home mom and “volunteer extraordinaire” for 15 years. I missed the travel industry and decided to go back to work in the field I am deeply passionate about. Whenever I say to anyone that I work under the umbrella of Brownell, I feel a sense of pride and success to have encountered and joined this wonderful company.

Although our industry, and many others, are going through a very rough road right now, I feel extremely lucky to be under Brownell’s wings, as I know they will do everything in a thoughtful, productive, efficient way, and will do it while caring and thinking about all of their employees and Associates. It is a privilege to work with Brownell, they are a phenomenal agency.

April 23, 2020

Before joining Brownell Travel, I had four years of experience within the travel industry. During that time I became familiar with the stellar reputation and respect Brownell has amongst not only their peers, but within the top luxury travel suppliers around the world. With four years of experience in both boutique and larger, corporate-focused agencies, I knew what I was looking for when I began researching host agencies. Brownell, immediately, checked every box. They are a true host agency, which is evident by the immense support they provide their Independent Advisors. From a dedicated Hosting Team to an in-house Marketing Team to Operations, Technical Support, Accounting and more, they are truly dedicated to seeing their Independent Advisors succeed.

When you join Brownell, you are joining a family who looks out for each other, cheers for each other, brainstorms together and weathers every storm together. Working remotely can often feel quite lonely, but with Brownell, and the implementation of their technical systems, you have access to over 100 ICs to collaborate with, bounce ideas off of and simply share support. Brownell has carefully selected professional, gracious and driven individuals; therefore, creating a non-competitive, supportive environment for you and your business to flourish.

April 7, 2020

With no experience in the travel industry, the mentoring and hosting programs at Brownell Travel were extremely important in my development and that of my travel business. Initially, the one-year training program provided me the support – and feedback – necessary to learn the industry and build my business. The hosting team has continually provided ongoing support, adjusting their responses to my growth as a travel advisor. There is no doubt that without the Brownell Hosting Team, I would not be as successful.

Through the technological systems of Brownell Travel, I am also able to interact with 100+ fellow travel advisors – providing ongoing support. Communication with the IC community is a huge asset in planning worldwide travel. In addition, there are ongoing seminars, daily company updates, and partner news.

The relationships which Brownell Travel has cultivated with our travel partners create incredible experiences for our clients. I am proud to be part of the Brownell team!

April 6, 2020

I am incredibly privileged to work with Brownell Travel's hosting team Brownell leads the industry in recognition, professionalism, credibility and most importantly it's Hosting Team's support. They set the standard for innovation, education, marketing best practices, and unlimited support. This company's leadership sets the example from the top: : Troy Haas, Meg North, Martha Gaughen, Rebecca Willson, Haisley Smith, Kerry Dyer, and Sheri Selkirk

April 6, 2020

Having no prior experience in the travel industry, my goal was to be as selective as possible when considering training programs offered by luxury travel companies. Brownell Travel's criteria for accepting applicants was stringent which was a positive to me. After completing a rigorous and comprehensive one year training program, I felt extremely qualified to market my brand as a competent and knowledgeable Luxury Travel Advisor. Since that time, I have received ongoing support to guarantee my success in the industry. Brownell Travel continues to provide cutting edge technology, knowledge and tools to its ICs to ensure that we are well informed and efficient.

More importantly, it is the relationships that Brownell Travel has with our travel partners throughout the world (hotel groups, tour and safari operators, guides, cruise lines, and more) that set us apart. Because of these strong partnerships, our clients receive the highest level of care. For these reasons, I am confident that my decision to begin my career with Brownell's Hosting Program was not only a great benefit to me but to my clients as well. My clients understand and appreciate the difference!

April 6, 2020

My clients expect the best so when I researching and interviewing with host agencies to join, it was important to me to affiliate with the best. It quickly became clear to me that Brownell was on an entirely different level. The team is thorough in everything they do - from choosing their team members, to personalizing their training, and providing daily independent contractor support and resources from our partners all over the globe. They treat their team members and their travel partners with kindness and respect no matter what and as a result, their clients reap the benefits of those positive and collaborative relationships.

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