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August 9, 2022
I love being in the travel industry! I am retired, but work with BNT by selling travel to make extra income. It's perfect for me. Don't have to leave the house and doing what I love. BNT did a wonderful job supporting agents during pandemic tough times, not a good for the travel industry. I have never spent a day being confused about what is going on. I also appreciate the leadership and their ability to hold the vision for us as we navigate the uncertainty. Couldn't have a better host agency!
February 15, 2018
Old Review

My experience with BNT Group started over 15 years ago as a loyal client. It was about 3 years ago when I decided to join BNT group as a travel agent. Coming from an IT experience, travel industry was very new to me and there was a lot to learn. I have been very impressed with level of expertise of BNT staff and dedicated training provided to new travel agents. Whenever I needed help, I could always dial the number and talk to a live person immediately. This just doesn't happen at other host agencies. The commission system is more than fair and has been accurate since day 1. There is no pressure from the management and I have been able to grow my travel business at my own paste. I highly recommend BNT Group as the best host agency for new and experienced travel agents.

February 12, 2018
Old Review

I have been with BNT Travel for over a year and can’t imagine there’s a better host agency than BNT.
I had a bad experience with another very famous host travel agency before. I'm glad I joined BNT.

Many of the host travel agencies can offer highest commissions, but not many of them can offer right training and support like BNT.
Of course the commissions are always a top priority, but it's useless(for the beginners) if you don't know how to communicate with clients, how to book, how to find the best deals.
BNT Travel truly care about you as an agent. BNT Travel is very supportive company and they focus on your success.
They make money when you do!

Honestly, their vendors information, connections, commission opportunities and technology are the best in travel industry.
They always answer all questions in a timely manner and my commissions are deposited right on schedule.

I highly recommend BNT Travel to anyone who's looking for a great travel hosting program.

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