How to Manage Many Perks? Switching from Unsupportive HA? What’s a Trust Account?

In episode 153 Steph co-hosts with the one and only Mary Stein of HAR. Sponsored by Outside Agents - thanks Chad and team! Here’s a taste of the questions they’ll cover:

1. I keep noticing offers from my host agency/consortia/vendors that would provide perks for my clients and bonus commissions for me…after it is too late to claim them. How do other agents manage the flood of consumer and agent incentives so they can make recommendations that are good for their clients and good for them? —Vince K.

2. I am thinking about switching to another host agency because the one I am with really does not reach out to ask me why my sales are low. It is very difficult to find clients. I would like to sign up with a host agency that will reach out to their members to help them to figure out where they are struggling. Sorry for the long intro but my question is do I lose all my credentials that I already have with some vendors. I have completed my Disney Knowledge, Universal's course and some of Norwegian's courses. I appreciate everything you do for us agents. Thank you! —Lourdes P.

3. I'm in the process of getting a business bank account, and I recall something being mentioned in one of the Friday 15s or in the 7-day Setup about potentially setting up a trust account for client deposits. Is this just a secondary business bank account specifically for depositing client deposits, or is it something official that is regulated by the state or another overseeing agency as it is for lawyers? —Ashley R.

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (Spoiled Agent lists supplier incentives for advisors in an organized way.) (List of host agencies.) (Advice on how to find the best host agency.) (Things to look for in your contract with your host agency) (Article series with advice on how travel agents can find group bookings.) (Best Disney travel agents share their booking secrets.) (Universal Studios Hollywood map for your clients.) (HAR guide on booking Disney World.) (Information on Seller of Travel registration requirements for California, Florida, Hawaii, and Washington.) (How seller of travel laws impact service fees.)

April 26, 2024
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