Looking for a Universal Studios Hollywood™ map? We got you.

March 27, 2024

You're all excited for your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood™ and in the months/weeks before, you're already starting to planning! While the Universal Studios Hollywoodwebsite has a TON of information on things to do, special offers, and giving you the most up-to-date information, what you may have trouble finding is a Universal Studios Hollywood™ map.

The site does have an interactive map of the park but if you're anything like us, you're hoping for a good old fashioned Universal Studios Hollywood™ map PDF so you can print it off instead of staring at it on a screen. (There is something so nice about tactile things, isn't there)

So let's do this. Here's a 2024 map of the Universal Studios Hollywood™ theme park for those of you who love to do all your work in the ether:

Universal Studios Hollywood map png
Universal Studios Hollywood™ map

Looking for the Universal Studios Hollywood™ PDF map?

And for those of you that are looking for a Universal Studios Hollywood™ map PDF? We've got some magic going on in this article. You can click that beautiful image above or the upcoming link and you'll be able to download the Universal Studios Hollywood map PDF.

There's even an extra secret bonus for you with Super Nintendo World, the world-famous studio tour, Jurassic World the ride, and one cannot forget The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Ugh. I'm such a weakling.

I can't save that goodness just for those that want the PDF version. Here's a peek of the extra bonus that comes with the Universal Studios Hollywood™ PDF map for you digital-only peeps:

What's happening at Universal studios hollywood

Have you thought of selling Universal Studios Hollywood™ as a travel agent?

And hey, while you're here. If you're a die hard theme parker, have you ever thought about becoming a travel agent and making a living selling a product you love? Give it some thought.

If it sounds like something you might like, we've to a ton of resources for you here on the site on starting your travel agency from home. You can also check out our 7 Day Setup Accelerator course that saves you time and gives you the support you need from us, the HAR team! We've helped thousands and thousands of advisors get started and have over 35 years of combined experience between our staff.

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Now, go off and have some fun!

That's all we got for you, kiddos! Have a fabulous time on your trip!!

And you better not get lost in the park now that you have your handy dandy PDF map of Universal Studios Hollywood™ you can print out! :)

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