Custom Terms and Conditions? Venmo for HA Payments? International Clients for US-based Agents?

In episode 152 Steph co-hosts with the one and only Jenn of TPI and the chat on TPI’s new franchise, Vacation Planners! 

1. What is your view on terms and conditions? I see so much talk about them but do I need to invest in getting custom terms and conditions for my agency? That seems crazy to me. —Anonymous

2. Hi Steph! I signed up for a host agency on your site and he asked me to Venmo over the payment to get started. He seems legitimate but it just has me worried. Is sending Venmo to a host agency normal? —Anonymous

3. First I would like to say how helpful your website and podcasts are. I listen to Spotify, watch YouTube videos and read all the articles every chance I can. Everything is SO HELPFUL! Thank you so much. 

I am still in the process of finding the best host to join and here's my question: I am a Brazilian and US resident and I was wondering if I could have customers from other countries as Brazilians would be a huge network of clients for me visiting the US. Do host agencies accept that or does it depend on the agency? 

Do their software of payments accept international credit cards/currency exchange? I would still be a US-based TA under a US-based host agency. Thank you! --Camila S.

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (Tom Carpenter explaining how charging service fees interacts with seller of travel registrations) (List of travel industry attorneys) (ASTA provides free T&C templates to members. Use TPI50 for $50 off ASTA membership.) (Legal templates for travel agencies with membership) (List of host agencies.) (Advice on how to find the best host agency.) (Things to look for in your contract with your host agency) (TPI’s profile on HAR) (Fiercely Forward FB group for all advisors. Doesn’t need to be a part of TPI) (Jenn’s email) (Vacation Planners’ website to get on the franchise waitlist) (Vacation Planners’ HAR profile)

April 19, 2024
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