Company Details

  • Founded
  • Franchise
  • Currently Accepting
    Beginner Agents, Experienced Agents
  • Accepts Agents in
  • # of Agencies
  • Members in US
  • Members in Canada
  • Languages Spoken
  • Business Attributes
  • Network Sales
  • Profile Updated
  • Consortia
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  • Seller of Travel
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • Focuses
    Leisure, Luxury

Program Details

  • Minimum Sales Requirement
  • Required to use Franchise Brand
  • Lead Program
  • Leads Belong to
  • Charge for Leads
  • Education Program


  • Franchise Start Up Fee
  • Military/Veteran discounts
  • Accreditation Number Required
  • Location requirement

Technology & Tools

  • Marketing Programs
    Website Program, E-mail Marketing
  • Leisure Tools
    Consumer Booking Tool, Hotel Booking Tool
  • Corporate Tools
    24/7 Support Service, RFP Support
  • CRM

About Sheenco Travel

Sheenco Travel offers the ideal opportunity for agents who are new to the travel industry as an in depth training program and ongoing support are provided. With a niche product offering of Luxury Vacations in Ireland and the UK, this Franchise allows you to focus on lead generation, trip customization and sales. All elements of the booking, delivery and aftercare of Sheenco Travel vacations are taken care of by the Sheenco operations team in Ireland. For further details of this opportunity or to express your interest please visit