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Meaningful Travel Summit

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Meaningful Travel Summit

Tourism Cares with Norway | April 19 - 22, 2023

Our Global Meaningful Travel Summit is a program connecting industry professionals with local changemakers in places around the world. By coming together in-destination, we action and actualize the power of travel. Our goal is to learn from one another and infuse more sustainability into our businesses through the experiences and knowledge we’ve gained from immersive exchanges with local communities.

Our Global Meaningful Travel Summit provides:

  1. Connections to vetted non-profits and social enterprises for new product development
  2. Education sessions around universal topics in sustainability and meaningful travel
  3. Networking opportunities with other travel and tourism professionals
  4. Actionable best practices in destination stewardship

What to expect in Norway:

Norway, in recent years, has experienced over-tourism. As a country, they are making concerted efforts to push tourism to the outskirts and engage more travelers in beautiful, less frequented tourist destinations. The Meaningful Travel Summit will focus on working with the tourism industry in Norway to distribute the economic benefits of tourism across the country and demonstrate the country’s impressive progress in mitigating climate change and preserving its resources - important case studies that travel professionals can learn from through a deeper dive into the heart of those initiatives.

More remote tourism destinations, especially in northern Norway, share a symbiotic relationship with Indigenous communities. The Summit will bring to attendees the story of the Sami people, an indigenous culture who are steeped in tradition, having gone through many struggles before establishing their own parliament, and who are now ready to engage deeper with the tourism industry. 

By inspiring guests to integrate local social enterprises and disperse tourism off the typical routes, Tourism Cares enhances attendees’ ability to drive sustainable tourism and provide travelers with authentic, immersive cultural experiences. For the destination, the Meaningful Travel Summit provides an opportunity to not only develop new sustainable tourism products, but to tell the destination’s sustainability story through Tourism Cares’ vast industry network. 

Who Attends?

Attended by top tour providers, trade media, top travel advisors, and influential changemakers, attendees of the Meaningful Travel Summit will spend 4-5 days experiencing unique, in-country offerings.

Space is limited and most spots are invite-only. Please share your information below to indicate interest in joining us in Norway.

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Create genuine connections with industry professionals from around the world who prioritize using their businesses to benefit the people and places of travel.

Experience local organizations and individuals who are true stewards of their destinations. Be inspired by their work to protect the environmental and social fabrics of where they call home.

Learn more about best practices in sustainable tourism, new initiatives and collaborative ways to take action.

Participate in hands-on volunteer projects at vetted non-profit partners throughout the region.

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