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Ensemble International Conference

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This year marks a unique moment in our company’s history – we’re on the brink of a new decade while simultaneously looking ahead to our next 50 years. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the industry’s evolution while also planning for the changes to come.

A shift we’ve recently watched unfold is the change toward purpose-driven travel, and the concept is only growing. Now, more than ever, travelers’ mindsets are evolving, and we as an industry must keep up. Whether cruising and relaxing on beaches, hiking a mountain and visiting local villages, or anything in between, every type of travel and traveler hold a unique purpose.

The key to continued success within the industry is knowing what that purpose is. Advisors must understand their clients’ needs and values, take part in necessary training, ensure inclusion in the correct environment, and align with proper suppliers. Preferred partners must educate advisors on their company values, what they’re doing to affect change, what a traveler can expect, and how their company impacts a destination. In travel, it’s more than the seat on the plane, the room in the hotel or aboard the ship, or the tour on location you’re selling; it’s about how travelers feel once they return home.

Travelers are now immersing themselves into the world around them with the hope that their footprints make a difference, and it’s up to us to make sure they do. After all, the purpose of travel is to travel with purpose.