ASTA Destination Expo 2019

ASTA Destination Expo 2019

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ASTA Destination Expo is an international destination event taking place annually in a different location every year. The event is dedicated to training of outbound U.S. travel advisor to become destination specialists in select countries. Attendees can expect to receive first-hand destination training from local experts, connect face-to-face with leading travel suppliers, as well as visit and experience the destination at an affordable price before recommending to your clients.

This year's event will be held in the "Land of Creation" - Israel. Our host city for the event will be Jerusalem and will take place November 10-14, 2019. Jerusalem is small in size - about the size of the state of New Jersey - but rich in history, food and culture. About 80% of all tourists to Israel visit Jerusalem and five of the top tourists sites in Israel are in Jerusalem.


SESSIONS, CONNECTIONS, & TOURS - Discover the key to increasing sales to Israel through certified destination training that will boost your business and inspire your clients.


ASTA Destination Expo will connect you with local suppliers and vendors in Israel that you can’t find in the US. Giving you a “home base” network of partners to help fulfill your client's trips.

Reasons To Attend This Year's Event!

  1. Receive first-hand training from local experts during destination education sessions
  2. Connect face-to-face with the leading travel suppliers from Israel
  3. Experience the beautiful country of Israel through exclusive Educational Journeys and sightseeing tours

Expanding your knowledge of a destination prepares you to successfully connect, recommend, and sell to your clients. Unleash the traveler inside you for this one-of-a-kind educational event!