Travel Advisor Day
Happy National Travel Advisor Day!
It's national travel agent day and we are celebrating all you travel advisors! Thank you for all that you do.
How to Choose a Travel Agency Name
6 Easy Tips for Choosing Travel Agency Names
How do you choose a travel agency name? Read about easy tips to ensure your travel agency name is long lived and brings you success!
Alvin Adriano, Travelwise, Industry Voices
When Your Agency Is More than Just a Business
Alvin Adriano's multi-generational family travel agency hung in the balance when COVID hit. Here's how his creative leadership helped them hold steady.
What Is an ARC Number?
What Is an ARC Number?
Answer to the age-old question: What is an ARC Number? Learn what it is, who uses it, what's involved in getting an ARC number, and more!
Travel Agency Accreditation Options [Infographic + More]
Travel Agency Accreditation Options [+Infographic]
Use our flow chart to find the best travel agency accreditation option for your agency! We cover ARC/VTC, CLIA, IATA/N, TRUE, and using a host agency.
Travel Waivers
Travel Waivers: Protect Your Travel Agency
Travel agencies across the US shared their best practices and sample travel waivers to help protect your agency! Free downloads & information.
ILT Featured Image
Take Flight with Independent by Liberty Travel
Now's the time to transform your passion for travel into a career. Travel is making a comeback in 2021 & we have a surplus of customers seeking advisors.
Travel Industry Lawyer List & Free Legal Docs for Agencies
Travel Industry Lawyer List & Free Legal Docs for Agencies
If you're looking for a travel industry lawyer, we've compiled a list of attorneys as well as free legal documents for travel agents.
Outside Agents, Featured Image
Pivot Your Perspective!
Pivot or Perish. For a year, that’s been the general consensus. Well, for us, “Perish” wasn’t an option, so that left us with “Pivot.”
Independent by Flight Center
Ready For Take Off
There's signs everywhere of the return of travel and our agents are seeing a dramatic increase in both enquiry and bookings this month.
Host Agency Not Paying Commissions?
Host Agency Not Paying Commissions? Here's What to Do.
No one wants to hear a host agency not paying commissions but if it does happen to you or someone you know this is what you should do.
Travel Quest Network
Baking Sourdough & a Marketing Plan
Love to bake and need a marketing plan? See how Bonnie Lee from Travel Quest Network relates marketing plans to her new found love of baking sourdough!