Best Host Travel Agency of 2019? Announcing HAR's Luminary Awards!
Best Host Travel Agency of 2019? Announcing HAR's Luminary Awards!
What are the best host travel agencies in 2019? HAR created a metric to award companies with highest star rating, engagement level, & number of new reviews.
Top 10 Benefits of Using a Host Agency
Is a host travel agency the right choice for you? What are the benefits of using a host agency? Find out everything you need to know.
What Are Travel Consortia & Travel Co-Ops?
What is a travel consortium or a travel cooperative? The very very short answer that will get you through a cocktail party banter is this: A travel consortium is a collective of host agencies, travel agencies and/or travel advisors that join forces and combine resources to increase their industry...
What Is a Host Agency?
It's important to know exactly what is a host agency and what it isn't when deciding who you want to align your travel agency with.
Tips on How to Find the Best Host Travel Agency
Use these easy guidelines to help find the best host travel agency. Learn the right questions to ask to find the best fit for your home based travel business.
Belonging to More Than One Host Agency
Can you belong to more than one host agency? Yes. Should you? That's a whole different subject! Find out the pros/cons of multiple affiliation.