Happy National Travel Advisor Day!

May 1, 2019

Today, May 1st, 2019, ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) is promoting National Travel Advisor Day on May 1st, taking the opportunity to educate the public on the benefits of using a travel advisor, and celebrate its dynamic industry growth.

In fall of 2018 ASTA, officially launched its name change from American Society of Travel Agents to Advisors, and recognizing National Travel Advisor Day is an extension of their efforts to advocate for the travel advisor community.

ASTA put together a toolkit for advisors that includes:

  1. Supplier promotions
  2. Social share-ables
  3. A travel advisor advocacy portal with a provided message advisors can send their local legislators to inform them of the positive economic impact of the tourism industry, and a custom pre-written "letter to editor" advisors can send their local media.

HAR's Custom Social Share-ables for Travel Advisors

Of course HAR wanted to get in on the action to help ASTA celebrate what we love most—travel advisors! Below is a collection of social posts so you can help spread the love for travel advisors on Facebook! We're launching them for National Travel Advisor Day, but let's be honest . . . they're timeless!

1. Pictures speak a thousand words

The nice way to say "I told you so".

Given the ol' bait and switch?  Next time use a travel advisor
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2. Truth

Go ahead - toot your horn!

You can't return a bad vacation.  Use a travel advisor and make it perfect.
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3. Go Retro

Who doesn't love a Ghostbusters throwback?!

Your flight got canceled - who ya' gonna call?  Your Travel Advisor!
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4. It's simple math!

That's like a whole extra day of vacation!!

Travel agents save clients an average of $452 and 23 hours
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3. Google Search

We've all done it before...

Travel Advisors: We help with analysis paralysis
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4. Feeling cheeky?

Sometimes, you just have to tell it like it is.

Don't confuse your Google searching with my travel planning
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3. Lay out the facts

Show em' the numbers.

Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor
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Most importantly, Happy Travel Advisor Day! Here's to another year of creating lifelong memories for your clients!

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Mary Stein

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