Elevate Your Post-COVID-19 Business with New Travel Agent Tips Videos

December 14, 2020

When KHM Travel Group debuted its Travel Agent Tips video series last year, the goal was to provide potential travel agents and those who were newer to the industry with advice and insights into how to become an established travel professional.

KHM Travel recently released two new videos in the series to pivot to the challenges in 2020. Each features KHM Travel Group’s Director of Education and Programs, Bill Coyle, who has relied on his first-hand experience as an agency owner to navigate this year’s changes.

How to Run Your Travel Business During COVID-19 focuses on how to maintain and build client relationships through cancellations, rebookings, and changes in supplier policies. If you’ve been struggling to understand your travelers’ shift in mindset since the pandemic, Bill will walk you through what you need to know to ease their minds. This includes how to get creative with itineraries!

Bill dives deeper into destinations in How to Sell Domestic Travel During COVID-19. These quick tips will prepare you to talk to your clients about taking a U.S. vacation and then find the right supplier for what they want, which may mean stepping outside your comfort zone! It’s a great way to keep commissions coming in. More importantly, it shows your clients you are dedicated to helping them travel, no matter how far from home.

As Bill says, these videos are created to expand your business horizons and in turn, help you expand your clients’ horizons now that the travel landscape and policies have changed. If you have a question or a topic that you’d like Bill to tackle in an upcoming episode, feel free to share it in a comment on one of the videos or at the bottom of this post!

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