KHM Travel Answers Common Travel Agent Questions with How-To Video Series

October 8, 2019

If you’re a frequent visitor on Host Agency Reviews, you know that it’s normal to have few—or a few dozen—questions as a prospective or new travel agent. You might even be wondering what questions you should be asking!

KHM Travel Group’s Travel Agent Tips video series takes you through the steps of becoming a travel agent and running your own business. The series is hosted by Bill Coyle, our Director of Agent Education and Programs. Bill uses his 20+ years of first-hand travel experience and knowledge to answer some of the most common and most important travel agent questions.

He starts with the basics of becoming a travel agent and then moves on to cover different areas of running a travel business, like how to find clients and how to maintain a work-life balance as a home-based agent.

KHM 2019 Q3 CTA

KHM 2019 Q3: Travel Agent Tips

If you’re not yet a travel agent, the goal of the series is to provide you with a better understanding of what to expect once you get started. If you’ve already taken the leap, then hopefully Bill’s tips will help you run your business better or reach your goals faster.

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If you have a question you’d like Bill to tackle in an upcoming episode, feel free to share it in a comment on one of the videos or at the bottom of this post!

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