Infographic: A Visually Delicious Look at Airline Fees

April 15, 2013
A Guide to the Complex World of Airline Fees

ENLARGED: A Guide to the Complex World of Airline Fees infographic via

If you want three extra inches of legroom, that will be $15. One checked bag? $25 please... unless you tell us in advance, then it's only $20. Toilet paper? We're happy to report that's complimentary.

You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, hope you enjoyed the great infographic of the airline fees. It's a nice change of pace from the fee tables you normally see!

Reminder: We all know airlines are constantly changing their fees and adding new ones. This infographic was created on April 10th, 2013. While this is a delicious (and accurate at the time of posting) look at airline fees, always double-check the fees. We're more impressed how they displayed such complex data in a picture than we are with how practical it is.

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