How to Add a Certification to Your LinkedIn Profile

January 27, 2017

Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume. A place for everyone to see your past experience, education and credentials - including your certifications. We've previously written about the plethora of travel agent certification options out there, now we want to show you how to display them on your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure!

LinkedIn Certification Section

LinkedIn has a handy section appropriately called 'Certifications' where you can list any and all you've received. This might be one of the travel certifications we mentioned in our article, a vendor or destination specific training certificate or our own 7-day Setup Challenge Certificate. They'll all be on display for prospect clients to be impressed by - how cool is that?!

Host Agency Reviews 7-Day Setup Certification

 Better yet? Adding a certificate couldn't be easier! We've made a direct link for you to go straight to the Add a Certificate page. Once there, you'll see this basic certificate form:

Add certification on LinkedIn

Overview of Add Certification Fields

Here is a quick overview of what each field means:

  1. Certification Name: This one is pretty self explanatory but since it doesn't auto-fill, make sure you check your spelling, grammar and punctuation!
  2. Certification Authority: Enter the company, school or whoever is giving the certificate. If they are on LinkedIn, it will auto-populate and you can choose their company.
  3. License Number: Like all of the fields, this is optional. Only put something here if the certificate you're adding actually has one.
  4. Time Period: You can put in just the year or the month and year. 'From' marks the date the certificate is effective. 'To' is when your certificate expires. If it doesn't expire, click the 'This certification does not expire' switch which will remove the 'To' dates.
  5. Certification URL: If your certification has a URL that explains what the certification means, put that here. This hyperlinks the Certificate Name and brings them to the URL you entered so make sure it is relevant to the certificate!

HAR 7-day Setup Certificate Details

Once you receive your certificate from HAR, mosey on over to the LinkedIn 'Add a Certificate' page and enter the below details:

  1. Certification Name: 7-Day Setup Certificate
  2. Certification Authority: Host Agency ReviewsWe should auto-fill as you start typing so you can just select us!
  3. License Number: Leave blank
  4. Time Period: Choose the month and year you received your certificate. Click the 'This certification does not expire switch'.
  5. Certification URL: This page tells people why you're so awesome for finishing the 7-day Setup Challenge
  6. Click "Save"
  7. Brag to Your Friends: This step is optional, but we kinda recommend it because, HEY! You just started your own dang travel agency! Wahoo! ???


We like those. Drop us a line at, and we'll get back to you in a jiffy. 

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