Host Agency Reviews’ Launches Step-by-Step Course to Fast-Track Starting a Travel Agency

January 23, 2023

HAR’s self-paced course, The Complete Guide to Starting a Travel Agency, fills an unaddressed need with clear step-by-step tutorials that propel prospective advisors to enter the industry with confidence.

Minneapolis, MN - Jan. 23rd - Host Agency Reviews (HAR), the leading online resource that connects travel professionals to industry resources, started 2023 Host Week by launching a new travel advisor course, The Complete Guide to Starting a Travel Agency.

HAR’s self-paced course, The Complete Guide to Starting a Travel Agency, fills an unaddressed need with clear succinct content that propels prospective advisors to enter the industry with confidence.

With nearly four decades of combined experience supporting thousands of travel agency startups, course instructors Steph Lee, Host Agency Reviews’ Founder, and Bridget Lee, an educator with deep industry roots offer a clear, concise, and approachable guide to fast-tracking agency startup.

The Complete Guide to Starting a Travel Agency is a self-paced course for busy individuals who need to cut through information overload with clear actionable steps paired with supplementary resource downloads.

“While creating this course we continually asked ourselves, ‘what do advisors need to know?’ and ‘what do they need to do?’” said Bridget Lee, who led the course’s curriculum design. “Our chapters are structured to provide the essential information on key topics so participants can make an informed decision. The lesson resources ensure advisors are actively engaging with the course material, rather than passively watching videos.”

The course offers 9 step-by-step chapters that funnel prospective advisors from the big-picture look at the travel ecosystem, to setting up agency foundations.

The chapters include:

  1. 40+ “bite-sized” instructional videos with course instructors offering clear steps for each lesson.
  2. 20+ course downloads
  3. 5 Supplementary videos from experienced advisors, offering a behind-the-scenes look at individual advisor niche journeys
  4. Support and accountability through the private community for course participants.
  5. Live community meet-ups with the HAR team and industry experts to answer questions or learn from industry experts.
  6. Priority support and advice from the HAR team.

The course streamlines the setup process, eliminating friction to enter the travel industry.

“Starting a travel agency is intimidating, sometimes paralyzing,” said HAR’s founder and course instructor, Stephanie Lee. “The course bypasses the dizzying maze of information overload on starting an agency. While many travel advisor education programs address marketing or selling, our course focuses on igniting the startup process to enable future advisors to enter the industry with confidence so they can hit the ground running.”

HAR Course Champions Accessibility with Flexible Pricing and Scholarship Opportunities

The price point is geared toward accessibility, starting at a one-time annual payment of $399 or monthly installment payment options. Striving to remove cost as a barrier, HAR has implemented quarterly need-based scholarship applications.

“While the course is information-dense and high value, we don’t want cost to be a barrier to someone that would otherwise make an excellent advisor. Many of us have experienced times in our lives when money was tight; if there is someone that shows us they’re serious about starting their agency but currently have fewer financial resources, we want to make sure they can access this information too,” said Lee.

In addition to scholarship opportunities, Host Agency Reviews is offering a 50% discount during Host Agency Reviews’ 2023 Host Week event.

“The industry needs new blood and people are ready to fill this need. I hear from individuals with all types of backgrounds, single parents, caregivers, recent empty-nesters or retirees, military personnel, and/or their partners. They all have one thing in common, they’re motivated to sell travel, and we want those who are genuinely interested to be able to hit the ground running," Lee added.

More information about Host Agency Reviews’ inaugural course can be found below.

  1. Find course details including a full description, pricing information, and how to register.
  2. Access HAR’s 50% Host Week discount here.
  3. Apply for HAR’s quarterly course scholarship here.


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