What Makes Fora Different From Other Travel Agencies?

June 14, 2023

Ready for an incredible career — or side hustle — in travel? At Fora, we’re modernizing the way travel advisors plan and book trips with top-notch support, a welcoming community and the flexibility to run your business as you please.

Why choose Fora? We set you up with everything you need to succeed as a travel advisor

If you're a newcomer to the industry, welcome! We're here to support you from day one so that you can earn money by booking travel. And if you’re a seasoned pro, we’re glad to see you here as well.

We're biased, but we're pretty sure being a travel advisor is the best job ever. You're able to unlock top-notch perks for your clients when you book their travel. Plus, you can work as much as you want, whenever (and wherever!) you want. (At Fora, we have no minimum sales quotas, but more on that later.)

You’ll receive in-house training from industry experts & veterans…

Not sure how to become a travel agent — or Fora Advisor, as we prefer to say? We make it simple with a 30-day certification program that teaches you everything you need to know to get started as a Fora Advisor.

Our certification training is a live, online, cohort-based course where you’ll learn alongside fellow Fora Advisors. You never have to worry about outdated, pre-recorded training programs; all of our expert-led travel agent training is hosted online each week. Can’t make a live session? No worries. You’ll still get access to the recording so you can learn on your own time.

In the end, you’ll be Fora certified to sell travel (you can learn more about our travel agent certification here).

…and this mentorship is ongoing (it’s not a one-and-done deal)

Ready to take your business to the next level? Fora always has new learning opportunities, like:

  1. An advanced certification course, which does a deep dive on how to take your travel advisor business to the next level. It covers everything from marketing, to the audience you actually want, to the ins and outs of supplier relationships.
  2. Drop-in weekly training sessions on the latest travel trends and travel niches (like how to become a cruise travel agent), as well as weekly supplier trainings and destination sessions.
  3. Sessions from our Book Better series, which focus on planning and booking travel that’s better for the world.
  4. Events in real life, ranging from our annual Live Forum summit and networking event, as well as ongoing site visits and FAM trip opportunities (check out our recent FAM trip on a Virgin Voyages cruise).

We’ve fostered a warm & welcoming community

Our mission is rooted in welcoming newcomers to the industry and setting them up for success.

Forum, our community app, is a space that allows you to connect with fellow advisors. Here, you can celebrate wins, ask for advice on how to be a successful travel advisor, uncover ideas to boost your business...it’s essentially 24/7 support from a global community of fellow travel advisors who are cheering you on.

Inclusivity is big for us, too. Fora Advisors represent all walks of life, and everyone is welcome here.

We focus on technology, and we’re always building new tech tools to make your job as a travel advisor seamless

As a Fora Advisor, you’ll get access to Portal, a personalized platform that allows you to easily track bookings and commissions in real-time. Plus, you can access our supplier database, a one-stop shop which contains all our preferred partners, the perks you get at each and directions on how to book. Oh, and did we mention Fora is a part of all of the major preferred partner programs, from Virtuoso to Four Seasons Preferred, Rosewood Elite, and more?

Best of all, these resources aren’t stagnant. We’re constantly developing new ways to make your life as a travel advisor better, and we’re always adding new partners.

We’ll provide you with tons of marketing resources & tools

New to marketing? Not to worry — we’ll get you set up with everything you need so that you look like a marketing genius from day one. First, get access to your own Fora email address so that your supplier and client relations all land in your professional inbox.

Next, we’ll set up your Fora profile on our website, giving you access to a professional landing page. Your profile acts as your own personal website (but you’re free to link to any other personal websites, too). Once your profile is live, you’ll unlock more features on the site.

There are also nearly unlimited content creation opportunities on our website. You can create travel guides and trip reports to peacock your travel knowledge. And Fora's magic content allows you to seamlessly personalize selected blog posts and partner pages with your contact information and calls to action.

We also create a ton of fully customizable email and social media templates to streamline your workflow and make marketing easy.

Fora regularly creates its own content — like articles on romantic getaways in Utah, the coolest hotels in Vegas, the best Colorado resorts for families or the most romantic hotels in New Orleans — to bring in additional leads for Fora Advisors.

In 2022 — our first full year doing this — Fora Advisors received 4,000 leads, and our website traffic continues to grow exponentially.

No minimum sales quotas

Our commitment to flexibility means no quotas or booking minimums. You’re truly free to book as much or as little travel as you’d like.

We’re partnered with over 3,000 of the best travel brands and hotel collections (and cruises, and DMCS, and tour operators…)

Virtuoso, Hyatt Privé, Rosewood Elite, Four Seasons Preferred…our growing list of partners includes over 3,000 brands around the world. That means more hotel and travel perks to attract and share with your clients.

We offer the fastest payments in the business

We pay our advisors before we even get paid (yes, really). We’re firm believers that prompt payments are a big part of what sets you up for a successful career as a travel advisor, which is why we make payments twice a month via direct deposit.

We advocate for our travel advisors by making it clear to hotels that we expect speedy payments for bookings (check out how travel agents get paid). And we have an in-house finance team that deals with all of the nitty gritty of invoicing, commission tracking and payments, so you can focus on more of what you love: travel planning.

Why wait? Become a Fora Advisor today

Ready to share your passion for travel? Apply to become a Fora Advisor and take your first steps toward a career in travel.